The pronunciation of the name Tuff Low and the Kik helmet shock RPDR fans

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 kicks off May 20, 2022 and features queens from several different seasons including Jinkx Monsoon, Monét X Change, Yvie Oddly, The Vivienne, and more. The show airs on Paramount+ and features different guest judges each week.

Two Legends had to wrestle during a lip sync round during All Stars Season 7 episode 6. Tove Lo joined Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews and RuPaul on the judging panel. So, let’s get to know more about the guest judge, her helmet and the pronunciation of this name …

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Who is Tov Low?

RPDR All Stars 7 Guest Referee Tove Low is a Swedish singer, songwriter and actress.

Ebba Tov Elsa Nilsson was born in Helsingborg, Sweden in August 1987, which made her 34 years old.

Tough Law married producer and creative director Charlie Twadel in 2020. Toff Low took to Instagram in 2021, posting a picture of the two of them together and captioning it: “We got married one year and we still don’t believe in marriage but we believe in love“.

speak From her name, Tove Low said in 2015 that her name was “Basically her nickname“Since she was a child.

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Tove Lo Helmet Confuses Fans

After joining the jury on All Stars 7, Tove Lo donned an eye-catching cake hat. Several RPDR fans took to Twitter to comment on Tove Lo’s outfit selection, with one tweet: “Should I know the backstory of Miss Tove Lo’s nanny outfit complete with a high-end football helmet topped with a Pavlova bun?!

Tove Law did not explain why she chose to wear the cake helmet, but simply wrote on Instagram: “Yes, it’s a cake hat“.

Another drag race viewer chirp that everyone”needs to know“Tof Low Cake helmet.

ask someone else Twitter: “Are we all ignoring the fact that Toff Lo is wearing a helmet and a bun?

RuPaul pronounces Tuff Lo

As if Tuff Lou’s helmet wasn’t enough for RPDR viewers, the correct pronunciation of her name shocked Twitter.

one fan Wrote they were”Today years“When they realized it”Tove if not love“.

After hearing the correct pronunciation one person chirp: “I corrected it and it looks beautiful! Top Low!“.

However, other fans of the show weren’t convinced that RuPaul was right about how to pronounce the singer’s name. One chirp they didn’t”trust“RuPaul to pronounce Tove Lo correctly due to the way he once said it”Xtina“.

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