The big-screen return of Lena Dunham, “Sharp Stick,” looks sensationally hilarious

The big-screen return of Lena Dunham, "Sharp Stick," looks sensationally hilarious

Jon Berthal Stan Accounts, Set Your Slots: The First Trailer for Lena Dunham’s New Comedy sharp stick Finally here, and Berthal managed to work his way through the majority of the 230sec, gold chains and abundant biceps. Thank God.

The trailer begins in flashbacks with star Kristen Frosyth, who plays Sarah Jo, relaying to her old white Macbook to Google the famous phrase many of us have grown up with, “Two people having sex.” Some of us started our search with “Muscle man,” but hey, everyone’s journey toward sexual freedom is different, and that’s what sharp stick all about.

“I’m not someone destined for love, so when he shows up my way, I have to put up with him,” Sarah Jo in her mid-twenties confidently declared, pushing us forward into the film’s timeline nowadays. For her, that love comes in the form of her dreamy, older, married employer, Josh, who plays Berthal. Sarah Jo is determined to act on her love for Josh, even if it means potentially ruining his marriage to his wife Heather, played by Dunham, who is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Say what you will about Lena Dunham, but portraying yourself as the wife of one of Hollywood’s most important leading men is an instantly iconic move, one that deserves just as much praise as everyone else. girls. sharp stick It is Dunham’s first major return to the film industry since the tepid HBO series for one season camping In 2018, it appears to be a major return to shape for the controversial writer. The film echoes the muddled association of navigating the twenties that Dunham skillfully displayed in her first feature film in 2010. small furniture.

After their relationship is revealed, Josh reunites with his wife, which makes Sarah Jo wonder if his decision means that she is bad at sex. This sends her on a fierce exploration of the power that lies in her sexuality. “Nobody will ever have a chance to do this to me again,” she says, while setting up a ring lamp to take sexy selfies for a website called “Clitty Clitty Bang Bang.” Start engraving the Oscars now, because nothing beats it. I’m seriously dead.

Her adopted sister, Trina (Taylor Page, who was the talk of a fierce star last summer, helps Sarah Jo navigate the dark and dazzling realm of desire. Zola), and her mother, Marilyn, the incomparable Jennifer Jason Lee. Trina and Marilyn are Sarah Jo’s brave mentors in the world of sex. “I feel like I was born with admiration,” Trina told her sister. “I was, like, in nursery squashing a fetus.” Finally, some accurate representation of the always thorny concerns. Kudos to Lena Dunham for finally moving towards an accurate portrayal of the marginalized!

sharp stick It premiered on Sundance earlier this year to unsurprisingly split reviews. Dunham called the film her “most personal project to date” during its screening, but some critics found it to be so lacks depth in his depiction of sexuality.

But the great thing about Dunham’s work is that it often divides people, reaches for some and alienates others. This is what makes her voice so powerful. We can use a movie that elicits some complex emotions, and asks as many questions about life and our independence as it provides direct answers. In addition, we are glad to have something, anythingAnd, out of this summer, this isn’t another Marvel movie for God’s sake. I’ll take Jon Bernthal’s boobs on the green screen Schlock any day.

sharp stick Opens in select cities on July 29 and nationwide on August 5.


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