Scott Derrickson compares ‘Doctor Strange’ to ‘Black Phone’

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Scott Derrickson traveled to the end of the movie scene and back, enjoying his adventures with us.

Derrickson began directing small-budget horrors like Hellraiser: Helland made his way to lead the MCU Dr. Ghariband returned to the inexpensive horror with black phone After plans to guide Dr. Gharib 2 fell through. Other names, including Sam Raimi and Gareth Edwards, have taken the same path from bloody shoe to Gucci lace-up, but Derrickson has the rare distinction of going back to his roots — and feeling good about it.

He said, “I made exactly the movie I wanted to make.” collider. “Jason Bloom is the greatest producer… all he did was just say, ‘All you need is [I’ll do it].'” In addition to black phoneNotable horror credits include Derrickson The Exorcism of Emily Rose And the evil, the latter was also produced by Blumhouse. Thanks to Blum’s lack of intervention when needed, and hands-on approach when required, both films came out the way the director intended.

Compare that to Dr. Gharibwhich was also the movie Derrickson wanted to make, but with the caveat that he was primarily co-directing with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

“When you make a movie this big for Marvel, you’re really working with Kevin Feige. You’re really involved with him in making the movie and there’s a lot of people influencing the process. It’s different than if you’re talking about a smaller horror movie because you’re really working as the author. It’s all upon you. “

However, Derrickson mentioned one aspect where they are the same: time and budget constraints.

“The funny thing about it is that though evil It was $3 million, and that movie was $18 [million]And the Dr. Gharib It was over $200 million; They are all the same! You don’t have enough time or money. You always have the same problem.”

Support Derrickson for the latest stop on his unique journey by watching black phone in theatres.

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