Amusement park guest leaves dog inside 115+ degree car twice, police say

A recent incident at a popular amusement park made many people scratch their heads.

Parks are places that are meant to be fun for everyone. No matter if you’re visiting a Disney theme park at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or any other resort like Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, Six Flags, or the all-new Lost Island theme park, you can go for the fun. Good times.

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However, a recent incident at Kings Island Theme Park in Mason, Ohio has upset many.

This month, a guest is visiting the theme park They decide to leave their dog in the car. When the dog was seen around 3:00 p.m., park security opened the car and took it for first aid. The temperature index reading inside the car is above 120 degrees. There was a note on the car for the owner to know where he would come to pick up the dog. The owner arrived and took the dog, but that’s not where the story ends.

Kings Island Aerial shot of the Eiffel Tower
Credit: Kings Island

Police were at the scene as the owner was leaving the park and found the dog left in the car a second time as the heat index inside the car reached well over 100. According to the police report, the officer told the owner that he could not leave his dog in his car while he was visiting Kings Island.

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Guests ride a monster on Kings Island
Credit: Kings Island

Since the owner left his dog inside the car twice in one day, King’s Island officials told him he was not welcomed back for the rest of the day.

The officer told the dog’s owner that if he came back and found the dog had been left alone inside the locked car again, the owner would be charged with animal cruelty.

Last May, a dog died in a Disney World parking lot after the owner left him in the car all day.

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