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I Was On Love Island And There’s A Huge Bedroom Vibrating Fridays The Camera Never Seen, Says Shagna Phillips

LOVE Island bosses divide couples on Friday nights and make them sleep separately, according to show alum, Shagna Phillips.

Shagna, 26, starred on Winter Love Island in 2020, and tacked on the show’s best kept secrets, including the real reason couples aren’t allowed to sleep together on Fridays.


Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips shared some of the show’s biggest secretsCredit: Instagram / @shaughnaphillips

The cameras are turned off on Fridays, giving islanders time to go on errands, but they are not allowed to leave the villa on day trips as in previous seasons.

“That was the case for the first few seasons, but I think as it got bigger and bigger, they couldn’t do that anymore because everyone was watching it clearly,” Shagna said. OK.

“So you kind of stop shooting on Friday – and on Friday afternoon you can do your laundry, stuff like that.”

Love Island producers make sure islanders don’t get bored on their days off, but they have to stick to a strict rule.

“Sometimes they give you the inflatables in the pool and stuff – but you’re not allowed to talk about anything going on, or anything like that,” Shagna said.

One of the most revealing insights Shigna has revealed is that couples can’t sleep in the same bed on Fridays, in case they have sex and the cameras miss it.

“You have to sleep with same-sex couples that night, so they don’t miss a thing, and then you start shooting again on Saturday afternoon,” she said.

Shaughna kept audiences entertained with secrets behind the scenes and describing the act of Love Island he said was like going to “war.”

She called one of her favorite challenges “the ugliest thing” and described how she used to cry all day before she had to do it.

Each season, the islanders’ heart rates are monitored as they dance each other out, but they don’t have a say in what they’re wearing.

She was stunned to learn that she had to wear tight clothes and also claimed that the results were fixed anyway.

“I cried from lunchtime to the moment I left [to dance]Shaghna said in Should I delete this podcast.

“I told them [show producers]’I’ll go out naked in nipple tassels, as long as you give me pants, or tights, or thigh-high boots. I will do what you want.’

“And I was the only girl who didn’t have any of that. And I said to them, ‘I might just walk.'” I can’t do this.”

She described the process as “so mean,” saying she begged the producers not to make her wear a simple costume: “I was crying, I was going, ‘Please, you don’t understand.'” Excuse me.’

“I was really suffering from swollen legs because of it [of] At a different height there [South Africa]. I was crying because I felt like rubbish, I was crying because I felt embarrassed.”

Including that couples are not allowed to sleep in the same bed on Fridays


Including that couples are not allowed to sleep in the same bed on Fridayscredit: Eroteme
Shagna said it was because producers didn't want couples to have sex when the cameras weren't on


Shagna said it was because producers didn’t want couples to have sex when the cameras weren’t onCredit: Instagram / @shaughnaphillips
She starred in Winter Love Island in 2020


She starred in Winter Love Island in 2020credit: rex

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