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Katie Price and Carl Woods wear matching shirts as they arrive at the Thailand airport after escaping from prison.

Katie Price and Carl Woods wore matching shirts while on their way to Thailand after escaping from prison.

The pair wore matching pink T-shirts emblazoned with the MTV logo and were photographed upon their arrival at Phuket Airport.


Karl and Katie wore matching shirts when they arrived in Thailandcredit: backgrid
The former model went to jail last week


The former model went to jail last weekCredit: Backgrid

Katie, 44, walked alongside Carl, 34, who pushed their luggage onto a trolley with the couple covered in dark sunglasses.

On Friday, Katie, who was already on a suspended sentence, was sent to prison and instead turned over to community work for violating a restraining order with a lewd text hole.

The Sun revealed that she has already booked a sun break before her court appearance on Friday.

She jumped right on a plane alongside Karl, and told fans she’s filming a new travel show.

Sharing the news on her Instagram story, Katie wrote: “Today I started filming my new travel TV show.

“Lots of stations to do, lots of adventures and I can’t wait to air. I’m so lucky to have got jobs abroad.”

A source previously said, “Katie is packing her bags today and will be on vacation in hours.

“It never occurred to her to abolish – she was so confident she wouldn’t be imprisoned.

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“She’s told her friends that she’s ready to party after a stressful few weeks.”

The reality star spent 12 hours in police custody after being arrested at her beloved mansion in January.

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She texted her ex-husband Kiran: “Tell your friend not to start with me.

“She has a restraining order, so she shouldn’t try to antagonize me because it’s an offense and I’m sure she doesn’t want people to know she was having an affair with you behind my back. This rocks a**g.”

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