Watch How They Run With Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell Might Be A Wes Anderson Movie

The month of rebellious leading ladies in baffling secrets is getting closer and closer. In September this year, just a week after Florence Poe threw herself into a whirlpool do not worry my loveto her little Women Co-star Saoirse Ronan will follow the turns and turn into a new movie called See how they run.

in See how they runRonan plays a young rookie cop who spies on a high-stakes case in London’s famous West End theater district.

She will need help if she wants to succeed here, because this case is definitely difficult. Under the supervision of a storied inspector (Sam Rockwell), a young detective must discover the murder of a famous Hollywood director (Adrien Brody) before the glamorous stage performers begin to fall for more murders.

While the two films (and the woman) aren’t actually related, they both took place in the 1950s, so maybe there’s room for intersection? We can only hope to see Pugh and Ronan together again.

Just like Daniel Craig in Take out the knivesRonan actually steals every scene with her goofy portrayal of an Irish police officer. Although she is stubborn and ready to put up a fight, the rookie isn’t quite ready for the big tournaments, having jumped to conclusions multiple times in the trailer alone. “I’m doing it again, sir,” she admitted in the trailer.

If you watched the first trailer for See how they run And the danger of young director Wes Anderson, you’re not alone. The quirky, toned-down core carries over to this new movie, along with some key players like Saoirse Ronan and Adrien Brody. People who interacted with the trailer on social media drew instant comparisons to Anderson’s work too Take out the knives.

Surprisingly, neither Louis Anderson nor Rian Johnson had anything to do with them See how they run. Johnson was busy working on his sequel Take out the knivesAnd the glass onionwhich will premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival before being shown on Netflix this fall. See how they runOn the other hand, directed by Tom George, with a screenplay by Mark Chapel.

See how they run It will debut in theaters on September 30.

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