Fresh Supply Collector Edition is now available for pre-order


Atari teamed up with Nightdive Studios to remake it Blood: fresh supply And released details of a college version. The digital version may have come out three years ago, but for those who love this game and want to keep it forever, now you can. Available now for pre-order, the team is selling this special set you see below for $150 through it Limited Running Games. This version of the game comes with a physical copy for PC, USB drive with the game, 10×8 art print, Caleb figure, mouse pad filled with liquid, “Big Box” computer stickers, keychain, pins and sticker sheet. Like all things with a limited range, they’re only in short supply. And when they’re gone, they’re gone! You can read more about the game itself below.

Credit: Atari

Originally released in 1997, the blood It is an FPS that helped redefine the genre and introduced many elements that are now accepted as popular. Original and updated Blood: fresh supplyPlayers jump into the boots of gunslinger Caleb as he seeks revenge against the dark god Chernobog. Caleb’s arsenal features a mixture of standard and obscure weapons, which he uses to devastating, blood-soaked effect. In the game, players visit a terrifying world inhabited by hordes of bloodthirsty demons – including cults, gargoyles, zombies, hell dogs, and an unholy host of other horrors. Remaster improvements for Blood: fresh supply Include:

  • Support Vulkan, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.2, play with unlocked frames!
  • Antialiasing, circumference occlusion, V-sync and interpolation support
  • Support for higher resolutions including 4K screens
  • Fully customizable keyboard and control panel support
  • Expanded mod support, including support for existing mods
  • Completely rewritten network code supports up to 8 players:
  • Play online in co-op, kill each other in “Bloodbath” or split the teams in “Capture The Flag” classic 4v4 team-based mayhem
  • Fight in the local split-screen action
  • Rotate your own soundtrack with full CD and MIDI music support
  • Look up and down all over with a new 3D view, or stick to the classic build engine style!
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