Shruti Hassan clears the air of her hospitalization and in “critical condition”, saying “Some media outlets have blown the matter out of proportion…”

Shruti Hasan cleared the air from hospital admission and in critical condition, inside the hospital
Shruti Hassan in hospital? Here’s the truth! (pic credit: Instagram)

Shruti Haasan is never one to give up when she gets hitched by obstacles and she has proven it time and time again through her social media posts. She recently revealed that like many other young women in the country, she has also been dealing with PCOS (PCOS) but it appears that her revelations paved the way for a series of other rumors regarding her health. Haasan decided to put these speculations into place and even shed some light on how important it is to discuss certain women’s health issues.

For starters, Shruti will soon be seen playing a major role in the upcoming action thriller Salaar, which is set to hit theaters this year. Her character was introduced by the film makers in January of this year, as Aadya through a First Sight poster, which quickly went viral on social media. Apart from her, the movie will also feature Prabhas and Prithviraj while the direction is being carried out by celebrity KGF Prashanth Neel.

In the latest turn of events, Shruti Haasan has taken to Instagram to clear the air of her hospitalization due to a serious illness. “Hello everyone from wonderful Hyderabad, where I work nonstop and have the best time. I just wanted to make it clear that I made a post a couple of days ago about my workout routine and about PCOS, which a lot of women have. Yes, this is challenging, but No, that doesn’t mean I’m unwell or in a critical condition of any kind. And I realized that some media outlets have blown it too far without reading the actual post, which is supposed to be positive,” she said.

Shedding some light on how she received calls from concerned well-wishers, Shruti Hassan said, “I also received calls today asking if I was hospitalized, which I clearly did not. I am completely fine. I have been suffering from PCOS for years and am on Alright. So, thank you for your concern.”

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