The boys got the PETA seal of approval for the ‘live’ octopus scene

Based on the DC Comics series of the same name, Amazon Prime’s boys It has gained traction since it was first released in July 2019. Unlike most other superhero related shows and movies, boys He takes a different, but more realistic, look at what superpowers might produce, in the actual world. This was news for Anthony Starr, who originally wanted to turn down the series because he thought it was a stereotypical superhero series (for what it’s worth, Paul Reiser initially didn’t want to join the cast either).

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but over time, Tis the boys He’s already meant to emulate many Marvel and DC characters and has a sound plot that just got better. The show, which in the past also included some very sad scenes, took things in a strange direction in season three. The last episodes threw a large number of bloody scenes, especially related to El-Deeb. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Played by Chace Crawford, The Deep played things as planned in the series’ final season. Episode 3 watched the character Homelander forced to eat his octopus friend Timothy. In a surprising twist, the scene has already been lauded by PETA for spreading awareness of cruelty towards animals.

the boys’ The third season recently ended with fanfare. With the boy soldier out of the way, (his son) Homelander appears to have developed his own extreme group of fanatics by the end of Episode 8. The boys will have to regroup, and figure out a way to save Billy Butcher, who has no more than 12 to 18 months to live. Quite a few fans seemed convinced that the only way to do that was The Butcher was injected with a permanent V even though that didn’t happen in Season 3.

despite, boys The third season threw a large number of unforgettable moments and scenes. Obviously, these include the multiple scenes related to the octopus.

In the third episode of the show, Homelander forced The Deep to eat his friend, an uncomfortably lifelike octopus. The Deep is known to be attracted to marine animals, can understand their language, and recognize many octopuses through display. One of them was Timothy.

The octopus is seen in two scenes and is the same animal living in an aquarium inside the living area of ​​Deep in the Vogt Tower. The character claimed the following about her boyfriend:

“He was very straightforward. He was as good a friend as he could be, 60 feet below the surface. He was a good listener. We had long conversations about our different upbringings because we were so different creatures.”

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Regardless, this wasn’t the only scene related to an octopus that made its way into it boys Season 3. Episode 6 hieroglyphs, Watch The Deep escape the scene with Ambrosia the Octopus. It was later revealed that the character was attracted to Ambrosia as well, and he even told his wife about it. Of course, all of the scenes were filmed using CGI and no actual animals were used.

The show makers had an environmental perspective in mind

While the octopus-eating scene from the episode could be described at best as bizarre, show maker Eric Kripke claimed it was added in part to spread awareness about the consumption of sea animals. The Deep is seen as having created a human relationship with an octopus. The animal is a true partner and friend of the character. Looking at the way Season 3 went, The Deep was easily at its best when dealing with the two octopuses it approached.

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Eating Timothy in particular seems to have such a profound effect on the character that he seems to be determined to rescue the ambrosia from Hirogasm The Place, in Episode 6. The Deep also talks about how Timothy was so scared and begging for his life when Homelander asked him to eat slugs. The scene in itself proved to be one of the most amazing to date, especially because of the needlessly cruel way in which the animal was killed. Kripke He admitted that the scene was added to spread awareness and said the following:

“The octopus did not deserve the cruel fate of eating it raw.”

Offer received a PETA seal of approval (and an award)

PETA has decided to honor Erik Kripke, Chace Crawford and the boys’ Special Effects Team With the award “Technology Not Terrorism” For the cruelty-free method they were able to put into the respective scene. The animal rights group claimed in a statement that Timothy was portrayed as an individual with real family and relationships. Obviously this was done without a live animal as CGI was used.

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It is known that octopuses are among the smartest marine animals and have the ability to kiss and caress. Animals can also communicate using patterns and colors, they can use tools, they can loosen jars with lids, and they have the ability to get bored too. PETA Vice President Lisa Lange thanked boys To allow viewers to see octopuses as individuals, not just animals:

“Real Boys Heroes work behind the scenes, creating a realistic CGI octopus so that the animals can live in peace. PETA celebrates this series to help viewers see each octopus as an individual like Timothy, not as input or entertainment.”

Obviously, the third season of boys Definitely worth a watch, for both the intense streaks And the A little bit of environmental activity.

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