Dragic: The focus was on Nets Superstars and not on an entire team

Veteran point guard Goran Dragic has been a huge addition mid-season before Networks In 2022, he played 20 regular seasons and playoff games with the franchise as its disappointing season came to an end.

It doesn’t look as though his time in Brooklyn has been a particularly positive experience for the 36-year-old.

In an interview with the Slovenian News Agency Siol.netDragić discussed signing with the Bulls, flirted with the Mavericks and briefly touched on what it was like to play for the Nets last season, before what turned out to be a very turbulent season for the franchise.

He says he was in discussions to sign with Chicago but eventually chose Brooklyn instead, after sitting out most of the first half of the season with the Raptors. He said the experience was “difficult,” with most of the attention being paid to situations with co-stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and not on the team as a whole. He also says he was thrust into a prominent role after barely playing early in the season.

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