Jayland Walker grief in Akron with casket open after brutal police murder

On Wednesday, Pamela Walker was preparing to see her son Gayland for the first time since cops unleashed dozens of rounds in Akron, Ohio, killing the 25-year-old black man after a passing hiatus and weeks of brutal police protests erupted.

The Walker memorial began earlier Wednesday with what was described as an open sarcophagus display, drawing comparisons To Emmett Till, the 14-year-old black boy whose horrific kidnapping and murder sparked the civil rights movement in the 1950s. The casket seemed to be locked when the funeral procedures began around 1 pm

Family attorney Bobby DeCillo told The Daily Beast this week that Walker’s mother was reticent about seeing her son because she was afraid of what he might look like.

DeCillo said his face would “not be disfigured or look too injured” at the funeral home. “But under his neck is a completely different story.”

Police have admitted that Walker, who is black, was unarmed when he was shot in a horrific manner, leaving him with more than 60 cuts to his body.

Police chased Walker on foot after what was described as a “traffic and equipment violation”. The footage released to the public earlier this month began after the same car chase began.

Police also claimed Walker fired a pistol while fleeing in his car, but video evidence of what Akron B.

A pistol and lead cartridge were later found in Walker’s car, but the bullets were not loaded into the gun itself. but what I was It is evident in the footage released by the horrific brutal police in his last moments.

“I just want to know, what is the reason? Why would you resort to shooting him like that?” I told Walker’s sister, Jada good morning america.

Following the shooting, eight officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave. Seven of them were white. None of their names have been released by the authorities, who have denounced alleged misinformation on social media indicating possible identities – and claimed The “bonuses” were placed on the heads of the officers.

After his death, Walker – who worked with Doordash – was described by family and friends as a kind and loving member of the community.

Longtime wrestling coach Walker in Akron Tell NPR He was in “complete shock” when he heard the news, noting that the young man was “one of the sweetest children”.

“One of those kids, you know, I wish I had 10 of them on my team. That was the kind of kid he was,” Robert Hubbard told the outlets.

Hubbard explained that he could not believe why Walker ran away from the police.

“The Jayland I know – this is totally out of character. I don’t know. I understand he’s been going through some things. He just lost his fiancée.”

Just a month before his death, Walker’s fiancé, Jaimesha Beasley, died in a car accident north of Cincinnati.

Despite this, according to Reports by Akron Beacon Magazine, Walker showed no confirmed signs of being unwell before the police killed the young man. In fact, he was helping his grandmother put chairs on her balcony the day before.

Since his death – and especially after the video was posted on the 4th of July weekend – protests have erupted in Akron and across the country. Local officials imposed a curfew, and in one night Arrested More than 50 demonstrators.

Some of those arrested or requested to be arrested during the ongoing protest included Family members of other victims of police brutality, including aunt Briona Taylor and father of Jacob Blake Jr.

Since Walker’s death, his mother and sister have had to deal with intense focus on their family while still being wracked with grief, DeCillo told the Daily Beast.

“We were talking about… how many people will be present [at the funeral] “And all of a sudden she leans forward and starts crying and wailing and she can’t breathe,” DeCillo said of Walker’s mother. Then I sat down and stared and then asked what, ‘What is this?’ “And so it goes through these moments where it collapses.”

He said Gayland’s sister was walking around in moments of tears.

“I wonder, I wonder why they have to go through this, and more importantly, they wonder how they are going to say goodbye to them, or their brother or their son, forever,” said DeCillo.


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