The 15 Biggest Surprises Emmy Nominations 2022, From ‘Ted Lasso’ to ‘White Lotus’ & More

There are nearly four thousand million billion television programs being broadcast right now. Ranking those in the list of the eight “best” in poorly defined genres is ridiculous, because who can complain about what was chosen? They are all wonderful. But who can complain about what was not chosen? everybody!

Welcome to Complaint Day.

I love this year’s Emmys nominations because they remind us of how connected we are. If you search through Twitter’s response to these nominations, you’ll see what “OUTRAGE!!!” Is that some series or actors did not make the shortlist, which is true. It’s terrible! There have been a lot of good TV shows this year. Your favorite show? Give her an Emmy! But the Television Academy doesn’t care. They just loved Ted Lasso.

The biggest complaints to weigh against the Emmys this year, if we’re tolerant, are: Voters keep voting on the same shows over and over again, and—which is the big thing—they’re not quite online.

(See the full list of this year’s Emmy nominations here.)

We may have collectively agreed online on that Ted Lasso Lamer, but Emmys sure is. And honestly, the rest of the world hasn’t either. I’m annoyed like everyone else pachinkoAnd the for all mankindAnd the the other twoAnd the And the ghosts They represent no more, if they are represented at all. But I also don’t suppose Emmy voters saw and ignored my hyperactive tweets about Molly Shannon – they were just watching Ted Lasso Christmas episode again. (It’s dark times! I do this too!)

In this divided era, it seems we all watch the same TV shows in some way. Or, at least, Emmy voters. Here are the biggest disdains and surprises from nomination day, or if they aren’t “surprising” (I was expecting all of this), at least the things you can throw at the cocktail party:

Ted Lasso dominate

season 2 of Ted Lasso It was really cool. Don’t worry about the backlash you read about if you have the above very much online. It’s no surprise to me how it dominated the comedy categories. My problem is that Expand these categories, to include more candidates, it was supposed to give the opportunity to new and surprising talent. Instead, the actors you forgot even on the show got Best Supporting Actor nominations, because voters just check everything Ted Lasso. (Even the guy who plays Hannah Waddingham’s ex-husband was nominated?!)

Is it white lotus

Looks like we’ve all been watching for ages white lotus, a television series so popular that it was awarded the famous Television Medal: The Backlash. However, the show was so weird — and aired so long ago — that I wondered if Emmy voters would remember it. They did the opposite: they gave her more nominations than she deserved. (And I loved the show!) Practically the entire cast was nominated: Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Natasha Rothwell, Sidney Sweeney, Murray Bartlett, Jake Lacy, and Steve Zahn. They are all wonderful. But haven’t Emmys voters watched one more show?

They also love yellow jackets

It’s hard to complain about Emmy voters’ penchant for just voting for the same show over and over – there are so many good shows, Emmy voters, hand out the fortune! – When one of these shows yellow jackets. usually a string like yellow jacketsWith his terror and blood, it would be an award show, too. Instead, voters went to the packages, filtering them across drama categories.

where is he this is us?

The final season of this is us It was supposed to be the last gasping breath for TV broadcast at the Emmy Awards. The much-talked about (and very good) final season was expected to get a winning roll of Emmy nominations. But the much-deserved name of Mandy Moore never came, and no mention was made of the drama series Sterling K. Brown, whose final episodes she wrote or directed. All he got was one nod, for best original song.

Thethis is us The victory roll was not what it deserved.


but also … Abbott Elementary!

It’s tempting to look down on it this is us And we assume that the broadcast died but his hug Abbott Elementary Suggest otherwise! Congratulations to multiple nominees Quinta Bronson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle James and Tyler James Williams. But if the Emmys had really embraced broadcasting again, he would have also been nominated for the CBS comedy. ghosts.

Reese, not Jane?!

Jennifer Aniston has won many awards for her work morning show. It is worth it! This show is gritty in a way that revives my will to life, and Aniston is the one running the pacemaker. So it came as a surprise that Reese Witherspoon was nominated instead of her co-star. But this actually makes my heart somewhat: it indicates that voters have already seen the show! Witherspoon has been given juicier stuff this season, and she’s delivered.

flop category expansion

When the Academy of Television expanded some categories from five to eight nominees, it was because there were so many artists from so many competing shows that it was absurd to exclude them to five. Perhaps a worthy candidate from a smaller project could sneak in, even? What happened instead is the rubber stamp in its most horrific form: three supporting actresses and three supporting actors Ted Lasso. (If you can name who they are, I’ll give you a lollipop.) Three guest actresses and four guest actors nods Succession. Five co-actress names for white lotus?! If this splits the vote and Jennifer Coolidge doesn’t win, that’s on you, Emmy voters. Friends, there were other TV shows last year!

Dave Chappelle, collecting trophies

Dave Chappelle’s Highly Controversial Netflix Special the closest He was nominated twice. Tell me again how real cancellation culture is?

Anna’s creation Awards nominee

This show is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It’s now a three-time Emmy nominee, including Best Limited Series and Best Actress for Julia Garner. He was deemed most deserving of the awards from all of the following: Eleventh Station Under Heaven Banner Maid Stairs Midnight Mass Gaslit Landscape And the Scenes from marriage. Both of these titles rank among the best TV shows I’ve seen in the past year. Anna’s creation Among the worst.

Anna’s creation It was outrageous – in the worst possible way.


where is he Yellowstone?

The most popular program on cable TV was supposed to be a major Emmy player this season, with critics starting to switch from “Hey, it’s not just my dad watching this!” to “Hi, it’s Very well. Being completely ignored – no names – doesn’t make much sense to Emmy voters. That this is actually being used to argue Hollywood The ‘anti-wake’ bias is to be expected.

It’s time to abolish the TV movie category

I’m glad there is a separate category for all the great limited series to get rid of. But this TV movie category is a joke: the nominees are Chip and Dale: Rescue RangersRay Donovan: The Movie, Reno 911!: Hunt for QAnon, Survivor, And the Zoe’s extraordinary birthday. Chip ‘n’ Dale, three TV movies based on a already canceled series, then one really good movie. Why is this necessary?

What are spikes?

The idea of ​​”snubs” is irrelevant in a game where more than 500 TV series compete for eight slots. But this is a forecasting heavy industry, and there are certain things that have been predicted or are expected to receive signals. who – which this is us And Julia Roberts, in particular, who was very good Gaslit, both ranks are overlooked near the top of the snubs list. Voters went for HAM Only the murders in the building, But Selena Gomez was not nominated. (To be fair, the best actress in the Comedy Series category is stacked.) Many critics had hoped that it would be a great Cinderella story series booking dogs And the pachinko She would make it into the comedy and drama series, respectively, but both failed to do so.

What are we happy about?

Both Lily James and Sebastian Stan, who were great to be underestimated Pam and TommyHe was able to enter. What do we do in the shade? Getting nominated for a comedy series? relish. Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning getting nods for the actor? Taste again. Cord to cut It makes me happy, and while I wish Eleventh Station I have got white lotus The treatment, but I’m glad Himesh Patel is a Best Actor nominee. The squid game Dominance is a rare case where all of these gestures are fully due. I hope UnsafeThe final season was all over the list of nominations, but Issa Rae’s nod for Best Actress made me clap this morning, as did Kaley Cuoco. hostess nomination. And let’s raise a glass, finally to Emmy nominee Rhea Seehorn!

at least Unsafe He’s earned a big nod for his awesome final season.


In a perfect world, who else would be here?

Kristen Chenoweth Shmigadon. Molly Shannon and Helen York for the other two. Sarah Jessica Parker and like that. Bridget Everett someone somewhere. Better things and Pamela Adlon in each category. Sharon Stone as guest actress for hostess. Renee Elise Goldsbury for DaughtersAnd the Which should also contain every original song slot. Mandy Moore was sexy in this is us‘ Final season. Zach Guilford in Midnight Mass It’s still a performance that I can’t get rid of from my mind. With the usual bad luck, I was shocked by Anne Hathaway’s legitimately great performance in I crashed overlooked, not to mention Julia Roberts (Gaslitand Michelle Pfeifferthe first lady). ghosts He must have been nominated, and so should I, her gastaire American cars (Justice for broadcasting sitcoms!). let me where PEN15? Also how dare you bid Barry All these nominations without including Sarah Goldberg?

In the end …

Natasha Rothwell is an Emmy nominee, and that’s all that matters. Also, someone explain to me how RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked She is constantly nominated but not on any season of The Real Housewives. Make it logical.

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