The panicked Trumpworld is looking for Patsy on January 6

As the January 6 House committee unveils new discoveries, the controversy in the Trump world is to protect Donald Trump by finding one or two responsible for the riots.

In the last episode of The Daily Beast’s fever dreams Podcaster and host Will Somer and guest host Asawin Suebsaeng — returning to the podcast he helped launch — talked about MAGA’s hunt to prepare someone to replace Trump.

“The more I talk to people who advise Donald Trump on a daily basis what they hope all of his political or legal maneuvers are, the more I absorb the sensation straight out of the horse’s mouth that they think, ‘Okay, there’s going to be a guy down here,'” said Sweepsing, now a senior political correspondent. in rolling rock.

One potential candidate is former Trump attorney John Eastman, now known as the “Eastman Strategy” aimed at convincing then-Vice President Mike Pence to steal Trump’s January 6 election. In the run-up to the riots recently revealed by former aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, she could be another attractive scapegoat for Republicans.

“I think Mark Meadows really opened himself up to a lot of criminal exposure here,” Sweepsing said. “I will not hide the words while talking about John Eastman and the author of ‘The Coup Memorandum’.”

“Look around Mar-a-Lago,” said Sommer. “If you don’t see the falling man, you are the falling man.”

Also in the podcast, Sommer explains how a new movement on the right, led by inventor and potential voter fraud hunter Jovan Politzer, is hoping to rebrand the fictional effort to “de-certify” the 2020 election, they hope, to reinstate Trump. in the White House by overturning the results and holding the two-year re-election. Politzer decided that “de-accreditation” was too impractical for the brand and is now urging MAGA supporters to adopt a new acronym: “LAVA” or “Let America Vote Again.”

Elsewhere in this week’s episode, Somer talks about the re-emergence of the “NESARA” conspiracy theory, which evolved from a scam in the 1980s to become a pillar of the QAnon movement through the promises of its deluded followers to cancel their debts.

In the “Fresh Hell” podcast clip, the hosts discuss the recent bombing of the Georgia Guidestones, a now-destroyed pile of granite formerly known as “American Stonehenge.” After the bombing, the perpetrators of the operation have not yet been arrested, the fate of the mysterious monument is in the air.

“The serious news is that there is a group of local terrorists on the loose in Georgia or elsewhere that haven’t been caught and basically won because it’s not clear if Guidestone will be rebuilt,” Sommer said.

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