The secret of Prince Harry’s diaries prevents any royal reconciliation

As Britain’s elite retire to their European holiday villas or heat up in the British heatwave, one of the main topics of conversation is idle speculation about what Prince Harry’s upcoming memoirs will or won’t contain, and how royal secrets are being unraveled by insiders. It will affect the property.

While no one outside of a few publishing executives knows for sure whether the book will be a sensationalist or damp silly, what seems less suspicious is that the prospect of Harry’s memoirs being hung on the Windsors may be a fundamental reason why William has done so thus far. He failed to reconcile with his brother.

While the royal family has swayed the glorified disinterest in what the book would have to say, the palaces made it clear that Harry and Meghan are now normal people and can do, say and publish whatever they want, in fact congratulations to them In terms of their personal profitability, it is of course hard to imagine that William wouldn’t want to wait and see what Harry would reveal before deciding what he would do next, if anything, to mend the relationship with his brother.

Harry himself said that the book would be his story. “The highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned…a straightforward account of my life that’s completely accurate and honest.”

Royal author Christopher Andersen told The Daily Beast: “Prince Charles’ clients have been scrambling for months to see what more shells await him, but to no avail. No one expected Harry’s book to be a feast for his relatives. But you feel in the wake of the jubilee that now the gloves have already been taken off.”

The simple fact is that the memoirs can’t worry too much, focusing, for example, on Harry’s own mental struggles, or his memories of his mother, in which case the reconciliation between Windsor and Sussex can be a fairly straightforward affair.

Or its publication may be a bombshell exploding, which accuses Camilla of breaking up his parents’ marriage and seeks to question Charles’ legitimacy as king.

Duncan Larcombe, royal author and former royal editor at the sunfor The Daily Beast: “How can the royal family welcome Harry back into the fold while he has virtually transformed himself into a journalist? As long as this book hangs on them like the sword of Damocles, how can they be expected to extend an olive branch?”

“Once the book is released, William will have to decide what to do about Harry, but he will do nothing until he knows what is on every page of this book. The truth is that if, as a prominent member of the royal family, you write a book that says it all, Then you would have violated Rule #1 of the Royal Family.”

Few in the palace or in William’s circle of friends seem to be most convinced by the recent series of reports that the book has been postponed or cancelled. The consensus is that the book will be released this fall, more or less according to the dates the publishers have said, although publishing sources admit it’s a bit strange that the book’s publication date hasn’t been officially announced yet.

While a delay is possible, the cancellation of the title would represent such an unusual change for Harry and the publishers – who are believed to have paid about $20 million for the title – that insiders in the publishing industry are completely ignoring it.

There are a lot of new stories about the past that Harry never talked about before, about his childhood… There is some content that must make his family nervous.

royal source

The Sussex office did not respond to a request for comment (The Daily Beast also contacted Prince William’s office and also did not comment on the issues raised in this article), but the publishers themselves insist the schedule has not changed. A source was cited in a report by Sixth page Earlier this week he said the book would be released as planned this fall, with one source saying, “It’s exciting, that’s for sure,” and another commenting, “There are a lot of new stories about the past that Harry hasn’t talked about before, about His childhood… There is some content that should make his family nervous.”

Nervous is one thing, but to be fair, if that’s the best the men of the book can do, it doesn’t seem like the royals need to seek out a series of royal revelations.

And, of course, Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah means that for any other discoveries to have the same kind of remote effect, they have to be so explosive and outrageous that they have to be on another level. The big question that Oprah’s interview left unanswered will remain unanswered, as Harry promised he would never name a royal racist who the couple said questioned the possible skin tone of their unborn children.

While the interview initially appeared to be a very devastating event for members of the royal family, the passage of time has shown that it is less destabilizing than feared. The royals are still here, and they seem to be doing just fine without the Sussexes. And while Meghan and Harry have their fans, the offensive tone in the interview didn’t seem to win many new fans.

One also has to wonder, if Meghan is really serious about pursuing a political career, and whether it is in her best interest in the end for her and her husband to have a slang match with the future head of state of another country.

Harry’s own story will still be a compelling read. Harry’s ghost writer, J.R. Moehringer, has focused several times in his writing career on stories of addiction and recovery. While there is no indication that Harry had a drug or alcohol problem, Harry’s book may seek to tell a story of spiritual renewal in a similar vein to the extraordinary bestselling biography of Andre Agassi, to open (Without using crystal meth, of course), which Moringer also ghosted.

If Harry’s book follows the usual publishing schedule of blockbuster Christmas movies, it will likely be published on what’s called “Big Thursday,” the second Thursday in October, when hundreds of the world’s biggest books are released in preparation for the all-important festive shopping season.

Interestingly, in just a few days, William and Kate are expected to make an official visit to the US – their first since 2014 when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte – to participate in the 2022 Earthshot Prize finale which will see five environmentally friendly companies or initiatives awarded each One million pounds sterling.

As long as this book hung over them like the sword of Damocles, how could they be expected to extend an olive branch?

Duncan Larcombe

One can only imagine how angry William would be if he had to spend the weekend on his big green initiative answering questions about his little brother’s book and the breakdown of his parents’ marriage.

Harry may be less alarmed by the prospect of withholding William’s American moment (although it neatly sums up the persistent dilemma of purpose-driven celebrities: that people in general care more about lewd gossip than worthwhile issues); He previously appeared to decline the Earth Shot award in a secretly taped telephone conversation with Russian comedians Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetsov and Alexei “Lexus” Stolyarov, whom he thought were Greta Thunberg and her father, saying that, when it came to starting environmental work; “Small steps or awards don’t make any difference these days.”

There is clearly no love lost between Harry and his brother. In his interview with Hoda Kotb in Aprilavoid answering the question of whether he has “missed” William or Charles.

Larcombe adds that it is very likely that Harry would currently be embarrassed to “look his family’s eye” if he had launched a missile at the family, although it hasn’t landed yet, it could cause terrible problems, annoyance and disappointment when it does if it is deeply suggestive.

Andersen said: “Anyone who imagines an olive branch being extended by William or Charles before Harry’s book comes out is an illusion. What more than the cold-shoulder evidence required the Sussexes received during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? It was frankly painful to watch.”

He promised an honest and frank account of his life as a prince, and if he gave something close to that, how could he not harm the monarchy?

Christopher Andersen

Andersen, author of a series of bestselling royal books including Diana’s children And the Brothers and wivesAnd, he adds, there is “no hope” at Harry’s mansion that the book will soften. Thought it would be explosive.

He promised an honest and frank account of his life as a prince, and if he offered anything close to that, how could he not harm the monarchy? After all, scandal, tragedy and drama circulated around Harry throughout his life.”

In fact, the other consideration is commercial. Since they haven’t been able to make a single show for Netflix yet, or a coherent podcast show for Spotify, the pair desperately need a hit.

The question that worries the Windsor family is how many family secrets they are willing to sell to achieve this goal, and until that is known, relationships are likely to remain in a deep stalemate.

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