Why Filming The Rocky Horror Show Was Really Hard For Susan Sarandon

Since Susan Sarandon began her acting career in 1970, she has managed to stay busy ever since. Sarandon, a very talented actor, has become a real legend in the acting field. Furthermore, Sarandon has every right to be proud of the fact that her talented daughter Eva Amore has followed in her footsteps by becoming a successful actress in her own right.

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Over the past five decades, Susan Sarandon has starred in a very long list of highly successful films. For example, Sarandon films have topped titles such as Thelma & Louise, Bull Durham, Dead Man Walking, The Client, Stepmom and Enchanted among many others. Despite all these impressive credits, many people will always associate Sarandon with the Rocky Show of Horror Pictures. While that’s cool, the sad thing is that it turns out that filming The Rocky Horror Picture was really tough on Sarandon.

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Susan Sarandon has dealt with her fair share of struggles

If anyone asked Susan Sarandon to reconsider her life during an interview, the talented actress would almost certainly notice how lucky she was. Considering that millions of people only dream of making a living as an actress and that Sarandon has made millions from her work, there is no denying that a lot of things have gone her way. However, just because Sarandon has been so lucky in life, it doesn’t mean that things haven’t been for her at times.

Looking at Susan Sarandon’s dating history, it quickly becomes clear that she has been fortunate in love a lot. Susan was previously married to Chris Sarandon, and Susan’s marriage ended after nearly eight years. From there, Susan went on to date Franco Amore, Jonathan Bricklin, and Tim Robbins. But, unfortunately, all these relationships ended.

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On top of struggling to find a partner with whom she shares her life to this day, it turns out Susan Sarandon was once bitten by an animal she adored. A well-known animal rights activist, Sarandon seems to love all of the earth’s creatures. As a result, when Sarandon had the chance to swim with the dolphins, she must have been thrilled. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in the end for Sarandon as a dolphin bit her wrist.

What Susan Sarandon went through while filming Rocky Horror Pictures

At this point, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is widely known as one of the most successful and beloved cult films of all time. After all, the stories about the crowds that run into theaters when The Rocky Horror Picture Show takes place late at night are legendary. However, when looking at the film’s legacy, it’s important to note that almost no one expected the Rocky Picture Horror Show to go down in history the way it did.

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Back when The Rocky Horror Picture Show was produced, no major studio was willing to give the film’s producers that much money to spend on it. In fact, according to IMDb, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was produced for only $1.2 million. Given the amazing sets that can be seen at The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the money it must have cost to produce the music, that didn’t leave a lot of money for everything else. As a result, it probably won’t surprise anyone that there isn’t enough money to make things luxurious for the cast and crew of The Rocky Horror Picture Show behind the scenes.

Unfortunately for Susan Sarandon, it turns out that she paid a high price for the abbreviations taken behind the scenes during the production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 2017, Susan Sarandon appeared on The Rachel Ray Show and talked about what the Rocky Horror Picture Show would look like. As it turns out, Sarandon fell seriously ill while doing The Rocky Horror Picture Show Because of the environment it was in.

“This is a cautionary tale,” she says. “If you’re going to spend months in London in the winter with a leak from the roof, don’t wear your underwear and bra. I’ve had pneumonia and been sick a lot.” From there, Susan Sarandon went on to explain that the producers of Rocky Horror Picture tried their best to take care of her while she was ill, but that ended up freaking out terribly.

So the doctors said, ‘She can come, but you have to find somewhere warm. So, they put a screen around the space fireplace, and everything caught fire. Luckily, no one was there. My trailer also caught fire later. So, it was an eventful shot.” Thankfully, Susan Sarandon made it clear that she looks back at The Rocky Horror Picture Show with fondness before stating that it was actually no picnic for her. “When I look at it, I think, ‘We had a blast. “But actually, it was hard!”

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