“The View” clashes over Joe Biden’s grip with Mohammed bin Salman

Consistent defenders of President Joe Biden on the view On Monday, the president clashed over the president’s meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with co-host Sunny Houston on the infamous fist and Joey Behar justifying Biden’s actions.

Biden’s decision to meet with Mohammed bin Salman during his recent trip to the Middle East has already sparked controversy, mainly due to his campaign promise to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” country due to bin Salman’s role in the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Greeting the president with smiles on their faces . The crown prince angered critics who felt Biden was passing on Khashoggi’s killer.

“HeyPOTUS, is this the accountability you promised for killing me?” Khashoggi’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, tweeted, along with a comment from her late partner’s Twitter account: “The blood of the next victim of Mohammed bin Salman is in your hands.”

Meanwhile, Biden mocked the fists while saying he was “sorry” Cengiz “feels that way”. He also called it a “ridiculous question” when journalists pressed him about whether he could promise that Saudi Arabia would not target other critics in the future.

Returning after a week-long absence due to illness, Bahar admitted on Monday Opinion “I’m defending Biden a little bit,” she uttered before igniting former President Donald Trump’s fondness for authoritarian leaders.

And let’s not forget that Trump was a friend [Vladimir] “Putin and Kim Jong Un,” said the Liberal co-host. “He practically had it in Lincoln’s bedroom! I mean, he was really interested in being with these guys.” After saying that Biden “won’t have to hit this guy” if Republicans and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) “allow industries to cut back on fossil fuels,” she also claimed that the president had no other options but to meet with the crown prince.

“Again, I don’t know if Biden had a choice,” the veteran host declared.

Guest host Anna Navarro objected to “Trump defenders” who were apparently doing fine with the former president’s 2017 friendly trip to Saudi Arabia and Trump’s embrace of the Saudi-backed LIV golf tour. However, Houston said that does not justify Biden’s actions.

“I got in trouble when Trump did that, but I don’t think Biden gets a pass just because he’s a Democrat, just because he’s a Democratic president,” she said. “I think it’s a bad thing no matter how you look at it, and we shouldn’t be saying here, ‘OK, Trump did it, so it’s okay for Biden to do it. “This is not okay.”

Adding that it was an “unintentional mistake” on the president’s part, Hostin continued to take Biden to task over fist bump optics. Nor did she buy any excuses that might come from management.

“The White House says well, it’s because of COVID he was getting fists in. Well, I don’t know,” she stated. He was shaking hands with people in Israel. He was shaking hands with the people of the Palestinian Authority. He wasn’t wearing a mask, and he’s hitting this guy who’s clearly a killer with his fist.”

Houston continued, “Again, I think that’s a killer. You don’t normalize a killer with that fist bump. It was the image he wanted.”

Behar quickly intervened, wondering if Biden was “really normalizing it,” prompting her co-host to reply: “Yes. Absolutely.”

While Behar went on to defend the Biden MBS meeting, saying that “everyone with a mind looking to him” understands why he’s doing it, Hostin ended the clip with a final parting shot.

“No joy. This is the rehabilitation that Mohammed bin Salman wants and Joe Biden has given her that.”

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