Activate the power of the wondrous twins with exclusive new Iron Studios figurines


The Wonder Twins are a very unique group of DC Comics heroes that haven’t been released since the late ’70s. It was originally introduced in Brand new Super Friends watchOn TV, this extraterrestrial twin brother and sister has arrived. The duo consists of Jayna and Zan, who are super powerful when they say the phrase “Wonder Twin Strong, Activate!” Silly enough, Jayna can turn into any animal, while her brother Zan can become water in any condition. They also have a pet blue space monkey known in Greek, who helps them in their adventures. They stayed in the animation circuit for a while but then were replaced by the next best thing. They never really recovered after all these years, but they are a fun group of heroes who really need a new story.

Fortunately, Iron Studios is keeping the Wonder Twins alive as they join Sideshow Con with an exclusive set of figurines. Jayne, Zan, and Gleek are back with updated details, hand-drawn deco and out-of-this-world colors. Each hero is placed in a fist bump position as they prepare to activate their powers. The purple costumes are well designed, and the updated new realistic design is cool. The Wonder Twins is a duo that really needs to be in the right hands of someone who loves these characters, and one day we’ll see them. Iron Studios Collection Wonder Twin 1/10 Art Scale Figurines $265 a set and is only offered to buy now for true Sideshow Con records over here.

“Sideshow and Iron Studios present their latest in Art Scale 1:10 collection – Wonder Twins! Based on original references, these multicolored statues of Zan and Gina are hand painted and limited edition. DC Comics fans, don’t miss your chance to add the Wonder Twins to their collection. Your DC!”

Features of The Wonder Twins 1:10 Art Scale Statue:

  • limited edition
  • Based on original references
  • Made in Polystone
  • Hand-drawn
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