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Kris Jenner flaunts fortune again as she parades a mega yacht and poses in a tight dress while on vacation in France

KRIS Jenner flaunted her fortune once again as she paraded a mega yacht and posed in a bodycon dress.

Kris, 66, also revealed her natural skin in rare unedited photos during her French vacation.


Kris Jenner standing on a yacht while sailing along the coast of FranceCredit: INSTAGRAM / krisjenner
Chris commented on the photo


Chris captioned the photo “Stairway to Heaven”Credit: INSTAGRAM / krisjenner

The Kardashian moms shared photos of the yacht on her Instagram on Monday.

In one photo, Chris is standing above the bottom deck of the boat as the French coast with its sun-bleached buildings can be seen behind in the distance.

The deck extends aft as well, with its wood-panelled floor complimenting the yacht’s glossy white, modern exterior and polished chrome guard rails.

The celebrity mom is leaning on a yacht’s shaft in a SKIMS Colorful Bodycon Long Sleeve Mesh Dress. Location It describes it as “obsidian”.

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Chris commented on the post, “Yes I wear Tweet embed @Kim kardashianIt’s like assuring all of her 49.3 million followers that she’s already rocking her daughter’s brand.

Fans rushed to the comment section of the post to express their admiration for the Hulu star.

One wrote: “They got it from their mother.”

Another follower commented: “Kylie Jenner who?”

While a third fan used the famous Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum to her daughter Kim to give Kris props, adding, “You’re making an amazing sweetheart.”

Kris also added a pair of scenic photos to her Instagram story, both from the deck of the boat.

The first shows the sunset in distant mountains, and its low setting in the sky gives the star a vibrant red-orange hue.

The second photo, a daytime shot, depicts the luxury of the yacht against the enormity of the ocean.

The left side of the image, “Stairway to Heaven,” shows a staircase that leads to the yacht’s upper deck and the right side of the formation shows open water and a pale blue sky.


During her French vacation, Kris showed off her natural skin as she strolled around her $100,000 Birkin bag.

Kris seemed to be enjoying herself during her romantic trip to Western Europe.

The TV personality was seen in public while she and her boyfriend were visiting Saint-Tropez.

Kris wore a pink striped shirt and white fedora hat as she covered her eyes with sunglasses.

The reality star ditched makeup to allow her natural skin to absorb the sun’s rays.

Chris carried a matching handbag while on her boat trip to the mainland.

The whole time, she kept her hands locked in her Birkin bag, and she Its cost is estimated at around $100,000.

Chris and Corey ran away?

The French trip is just the second leg of Kris Jenner’s Eurotrip as she and boyfriend Cory Gamble, 41, vacationed in Italy last week.

Followers of the famous family believe they have discovered evidence that the couple secretly married after months of speculation.

Kris took to Instagram to share photos from her and 41-year-old Corrie’s vacation in Sicily, Italy.

She looked as glamorous as ever on a yacht as she wore a white Dolce and Gabbana dress with a matching ruffled coat.

Meanwhile, her eight-year-old boyfriend looked chic in an emerald green suit from the same Italian fashion house.

Appearing together in their lavish outfits, many of Kris’ followers were left wondering if she and Corey had just walked down the aisle together.

The comments section of her post was flooded with fan theories about a possible wedding.

“I wish they were wedding photos,” one person wrote, accompanied by a heart emoji.

Another commentator asked, “Is this a wedding dress?”

A third follower said, “I was wondering the same thing. She’s beautiful.”

“Chris, are you married?” Another fan asked.

He added Chris’ comment to the puzzle when she wrote: “Thank you for an incredible evening! What a beautiful memory in Sicily – just amazing.”

This is not the first time that the public has become suspicious.

Last month, Chris and Corey went on vacation with Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, De Oklebo.

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In pictures of Chris from the Mediterranean, some fans thought they could see a wedding ring on Cory’s hand.

One guessed “they’re definitely married” while another suggested “he forgot to take off his ring” in the adorable photos.

Stunning view of the French sunset from the deck of the yacht


Stunning view of the French sunset from the deck of the yachtCredit: INSTAGRAM / krisjenner
Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble in Sicily, Italy


Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble in Sicily, ItalyCredit: Instagram / @krisjenner
Kris Jenner hits her autograph on the yacht staircase


Kris Jenner hits her autograph on the yacht staircaseCredit: Instagram / Kris Jenner

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