Dana Carvey debating herself as brilliantly as Biden and Trump over ‘Kimmel’

There is a famous story from the 1992 election season onwards Saturday Night Live. Dana Carvey’s iconic impression of President George HW Bush was already well established and his colleague Phil Hartman played rival Bill Clinton. But when Ross Perot entered the race as a third-party candidate, Carfi ended up doing double duty in the three-way debate scheme. While newcomer David Spade played Perot in the wide live shots, Carvey pre-recorded the lines of the billionaire candidate for the close-up shots.

So when Carvey returned for his second night as a guest star for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, he decided to follow up the feat by playing the only two roles in a preview of what the 2024 debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump might look like.

After making some jokes about Biden and Trump as an ex Tonight Show Host Johnny Carson, Carvey centered on the discussion part, which was moderated by security guard Kimmel Guillermo of course.

As the camera cuts back and forth, Carvey expertly transforms himself into each candidate using a bad wig and his amazing mimicry skills. Biden has played a confused old man who confuses Kamala Harris, Harrison Ford and Trump as a madman more ranting about “Kim Jong-un’s little feet” and said, “I love my country as I love my constituents: white and dirty.”

Ultimately, Carvey offered an option that few Americans would be happy with by 2024. While Biden seemed to embrace the mantra of “monkey pox: It’s what for dinner,” Trump sent potential voters with a message, “God bless me and God bless my wonderful penis.”

“Good night, America,” Guillermo told viewers when he finished. “We had sex.”

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