MLB All-Star Game: Mic Player’s Best Moments (Videos)

Good morning, I’m Dan Garland. There is no doubt what my favorite part of the MLB All-Star game is.

At SI today: AM:

🎤 Game sounds

⚾The man who helps Cuba’s top athletes

🌟 Kershaw takes it all in him

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This is the best part of the all-star game

The concept of the All-Star Game has lost a lot of its luster since its invention in 1933. At a time when the only way to see the best sports players was to wait for them to come to town, The All-Star Game gave fans a chance to see all the players worth watching at once. But in an age of national television, top YouTubers, the Red Zone and social media, we can watch the world’s best players whenever we want, so what’s the point of the All-Star Game?

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