Kiki Palmer’s Most Viral Moments

Keke Palmer is famous for being one of the funniest celebrities in Hollywood. You can’t talk about memes and viral moments that celebrities share without thinking about Keke Palmer. The multifaceted artist is unable to give an interview without creating a viral moment; She basically invents viral memes every day just by being herself.

Their interview clips often become popular memes or vocals on TikTok. Lest we forget her interview with the lie detector Vanity Fair Or her famous Lady Miss Jacqueline and her insults from the Southern Belle were so popular that Amazon chose the star for a book of short stories featuring various Lady Miss characters. Keke Palmer is years ahead of her, but she’s already an icon. She has consistently managed to shine like a diamond and is constantly making her mark on pop culture. It has managed to stay relatively free of controversy, but it is still a relevant and often popular topic on social media. Here are some of Keke Palmer’s most viral moments.

8 At that time, Keke Palmer called Wendy Williams on her own show

In 2017, Kiki appeared on The Wendy Williams Show when Wendy in a sense indicated that she suffered from what she had done in connection with the “sexual intimidation” case against Trey Songz at the time. Kiki hastened to gather Wendy, saying, “I’d like to run your show and see you more sympathetic and less accusatory.” She has been praised on social media for standing up to Wendy Williams who sometimes comes across as mean.

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7 Remember when Keke Palmer said “Sorry for that guy”?

during promotion a fraud In 2019, Keke sat down for an interview with the famous polygraph test Vanity Fair. When asked if former Vice President Dick Cheney was better at his job than her famous character from Nickelodeon Right Jackson, Vice President She replied, “…I hope I don’t seem silly, but I don’t know who this guy is. I mean, he could walk down the street, and I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry about that guy..” The song “Sorry For This Man” took on a life of its own. Everyone on the Internet and their mothers were using this phrase. The phrase became so popular that Keke Palmer began selling merchandise with it.

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6 Keke Palmer went viral with my mom’s TikTok series in the 2000s

Keke Palmer currently has over 6.4 million followers on Tik Tok with over 39.3 million likes. In addition to her “Lady Miss” graphics, her presence on the catwalk is due to her viral series depicting mothers in the early 2000s, from their general demeanor and fashion sense to the unique ways they used to take pictures at the time. These were linkable and thus became very popular.

5 What Keke Palmer said about Jack and Rose in Titanic

Looks like Keke Palmer (and everyone else) can’t get past the scene Titanic Where Jack freezes to death. She expressed her anger over Rose (Kate Winslet’s) decision not to share the door with Jack The Steve Harvey Show. “Everyone knows that she had to get up from it [board] Palmer said. “I would never get past that scene—she’s right there looking at him and he’s freezing. It’s been hard to see a movie of her since then.”

4 Keke Palmer said this about RiverdaleLili Reinhart

In an interview day MTV News I’m classy crooks. Co-star Madeleine Brewer jokingly referred to fellow co-star Lili Reinhart as “the actress from Riverdale,” and the medium immediately corrected Brewer, saying “her name is Lili Reinhart.” Keke Palmer quickly added, “Lili Reinhart, OK! And don’t forget that.”

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3 But, “The gag is…”

Keke Palmer, a very active snapchat user, has started releasing a series of videos talking about gag – another way of expressing the situation. Because a lot of people didn’t know that at the time, Keke Palmer Went on national TV To break down what GAG is…but there’s a catch, some are still confused. The trend became so popular that Kiki created her own YouTube show, The Gag. It is still used on social media today.

2 “Baby, this is Kiki Palmer.”

The “Baby, this Keke Palmer” meme has been circulating on social media for months, but it has received a lot of mainstream attention. The image of “Baby, this is Kiki Palmer” appeared when a tweeter shared a picture of Kiki at a press conference for Aquila and the bees (Shared by Kiki as part of a meme trend for historical photos), commented: “All the girls who started like this in high school could mean *** means d***.”

Then, the tweeter received a message from someone who said, “Excuse me madam, I’m not being disrespectful or rude but could you please delete the post. This is my sister who was killed by a metro train. And this post is so cool. Disrespectful. I wonder who you are or even if You knew her but I want you to take this off please.” They replied “Baby, this is Keke Palmer.”

Those who get the joke usually reply: “Baby, that’s Keke Palmer” regardless of whether the photo shows Keke Palmer or not.

1 Who the hell are they

Keke Palmer has become a symbol of not having the slightest idea who they are. The actress who is starring in Jordan Peele’s new movie no again sat down with Vanity FairThis time with co-stars Daniel Kaluuya, Stephen Yeon and Brandon Perea to review fan theories gleaned from the internet. Vanity Fair If Kiki reads one of the comments out loud, where she reads “I bet we see Scully and Mulder,” she pauses to ask, “And who the hell are they?” Real Kiki Palmer style. Explain it Scully and Mulder from unknown filesbut that wasn’t enough to clear up the confusion, sorry for them.

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