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Baby Radley, Little People star Audrey Roloff, plays in the room in filthy clothes and trash amid allegations of ‘bad’ parenting

Audrey Roloff has once again been criticized for her chaotic lifestyle.

This time around, the Little People, Big World star has come under fire for letting her young son Radley play in a filthy room that looks full of potential danger.


Baby Radley, 9 months, jumps in front of his dirty roomCredit: Instagram / @audreyroloff
Mother Audrey Roloff makes no excuses for chaos


Mother Audrey Roloff makes no excuses for chaosCredit: Instagram / Audrey Roloff

In an Instagram story, Audrey, 31, shared a video of her nine-month-old son jumping into a bouncy chair attached to a wall frame in front of what appears to be his nursery.

The little boy was smiling perfectly as he wrapped around him nonstop.

My mom even captioned the video: “Baby jump.”

But behind the beans, clearly visible, was a mess of sharp toys strewn across the floor, including a construction truck, books, papers, and action figures.

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Audrey made no excuse for the mess, and defended it in a follow-up letter.

She said, “You… that’s nothing.” “And in case you’re new here, this is (and certainly won’t be in the coming months) your place for picture-perfect home content.”

Nursery nightmare

Even before baby Radley arrived, his nursery was a mess, as Audrey struggled to keep it clean.

Last October, just a month before he was born, wife Jeremy Roloff gave fans a glimpse into her new baby’s nursery, which included a crib, toys, a rocker and a neck pillow, all on the floor.

A pile of baby clothes is stacked in the middle of the floor, while the room also includes what appears to be a suitcase ready for the next delivery.

The reality star commented on the clip: “Baby’s Room No. 3”.

Car accident

Audrey’s dirt seems to extend to her car, too.

In February, a mother of three showed the interior of her car, which revealed trash and wires soaked in coffee.

Audrey carried a lump of drink that had fallen to the floor of the car over a pile of wires and children’s artwork.

She explained the mess with the caption: “When you forget you’re resting at the console.”

The following story showed that her post had received a response from her husband, Jeremy, which read: “Mad.”

Sharing with her followers, she responded with a rude comeback and said sarcastically, “I care more about the truck than my caffeine needs while I’m alone with the kids…”, followed by an emoji.

Danger Island

Even an innocent activity like game night can become dangerous in a Roloff house—as evidenced by the kids playing Candyland next to a roaring fire—without a screen or protector.

In a joint video, Audrey’s two other children, Ember, four, and Budd, two, ran around the living room while playing the popular board game.

However, as helpful as the video was, some fans were very concerned about how close Boddy could get to the open fireplace.

Fans took to Reddit to cast a vote.

Someone said, “I’m worried.”

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Another added: “Holy, this is alarming.”

A third wrote: “The land of sweets is near the fire, and the land of sweets is near the fire.”

Audrey teased her followers not to expect pictures of a clean house


Audrey teased her followers not to expect pictures of a clean houseCredit: Instagram
She previously gave fans a look at her messy car


She previously gave fans a look at her messy car
Audrey has been criticized for letting her children play games in front of an open fireplace


Audrey has been criticized for letting her children play games in front of an open fireplaceCredit: Instagram

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