‘Disappointing,’ guests note Disney World removes COVID-19 safety measures

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When Walt Disney World Resort reopened during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, things looked different at Disney Parks and Resorts.

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Guests now have to make park reservations prior to their visit, and secure a Park Pass for their chosen Disney park. In-person interactions have been distant, although close encounters have since returned. Cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been increased, including the addition of hand sanitizer stations around Disney’s parks and resorts.

The most controversial addition was the mask requirement, which was raised in stages and removed in April 2022. While many guests were excited, some guests felt it would make their vacations unsafe.

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Now, a group of Walt Disney World Resort fans is speaking out against the removal of another safety measure: hand sanitizing stations. u / bluescrubs33 Posted on Reddit:

Went to Epcot today, and haven’t been since early June. Looks like the hand sanitizer stations are over. Nothing at the entrance or exits of any ride. Did I just notice this?

sh/mdrew86, who visits Disney parks often, said he started at theme park attractions, then expanded to restaurants and gift shops. Finally, the hand sanitizer stations from Disney Parks and Resorts have been completely removed.

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While most Walt Disney World fans say they’re bringing hand sanitizer to the theme parks, many were disappointed with the change. u / Beer_Bryant Wrote:

I’ve always brought my hand sanitizer, but I wish Disney would still keep the sanitizing stuff so some of the other nasty guests could still use it.

u / bluescrubs33 He agreed, noting that guests who don’t bring sanitizer would be more likely to use it just because the dispensers were right in front of them:

This is my idea. It wasn’t of the highest quality and was kind of smelly, but people were more likely to use it because they were there. There are other diseases besides Covid.

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u/Northernbelle 09 He said the change was “disappointing”:

Disappointing as Disney seems to have become a breeding ground for all germs. So many times over the years I’ve come home sick 🤦‍♀️

A Walt Disney World fan, u/Underbadgersuggested that parks likely remove hand sanitizer stations because it’s the least thing staff members should care about ultra-thin maintenance:

Bring with me, because it was almost always empty on my last visit, and it’s important to wash or sanitize your hands often.

WDW doesn’t “raise prices” because of hand sanitizers that cost a few cents. They will probably remove it because there is nothing for maintenance to take care of, and the maintenance is still understaffed.

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Do you think hand sanitizing stations are necessary at Disney parks?

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