The problem of conservative “wild cards” like Alex Jones and John Rich

The problem with the wild card is that you don’t quite know how the end product will reveal itself. In some cases, it will land you in court. In other cases, you’ll get a #1 single.

In the last episode of The Daily Beast’s fever dreams Podcast host Will Somer and guest speaker Anthony Fisher, senior opinion editor for The Daily Beast, discuss the divergent fates of conservative voices, from Alex Jones’ upcoming trial of Sandy Hook to the MAGA-inspired song by John Rich’s currently number one-top hitch. On the iTunes charts, “Progress”.

“I think William Faulkner might wish he had written such a poignant homage to the forgotten Southern working-class man,” Fisher jokes.

He adds, “My main impression is that it is unbelievable that this subset of culture has been screaming for decades that everyone needs to take their politics out of their art, out of their entertainment, and out of their sports.”

“Really this has always been kind of a silly idea, but when they have the opportunity to put politics into their art, that’s the effort put into it. There’s no poetry or subtlety or metaphors. It’s all just ‘sticking to your time where the sun doesn’t shine.'”

Somer sums up Rich’s blow in one sentence: “He just doesn’t want to advance.”

Also on the podcast, Somer and Fisher discuss Infowars’ first experiments with Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting was fake science. The trial begins this week.

“I don’t know what to expect to see, because it’s a wild card,” Fisher says.

“I think in the past he or his allies have done things like a healthy fear that, you know, has suddenly stopped court proceedings in their tracks. And there’s always a chance of a last-minute compromise that ends the investigation.”

Somer highlighted major conservative names, including Joe Rogan and Tim Ball, “to underestimate the extent of disease, madness, and cruelty.” [Jones] he is.”

“this person [Jones] He admitted under oath that he is a performer, that he is a liar, and that he does not believe the things he says. I think this was in the divorce proceedings. His lawyer has repeatedly said that he is a performing artist. You shouldn’t take his word seriously.

“His painless apologies are worthless. And if he is truly repentant for the things he did, he will go away. It is good that he is sworn in and witnesses will be taken to show that he has not only spread sadistic lies that destroy people’s lives but that he continues to do so.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Polite Conversations podcast host Eiynah and, according to Fisher, “my dark web expert,” discuss Jordan Peterson’s recent comment from Twitter after referring to Elliot Page by his dead name and describing doctors who performed sex-confirmation surgery on the trans actor as criminals.

In the “Fresh Hell” podcast, the hosts discuss a group called OUM Labs “and they’re a bunch of hackers,” Sommer says.

“They have found out that the New World Order will soon implement what they call the ‘Great Reset,'” he explains.

“These hackers at OUM Labs, they claim that the New World Order has a computer that ranks everyone in the world. It determines your place in the big reset.”

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