Brianna Greer dies after opening the door of her patrol car at Hancock Coney Police in Georgia

Georgia policemen who arrested Brianna Greer, a 28-year-old black woman, failed to secure her with a seat belt or even close the passenger-side tailgate at all before she fell to her death from a patrol car, according to an update released by state investigators this week. .

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office initially told the family that Greer, who was struggling with a mental health crisis, opened the door herself when she was first arrested on July 15, according to Briana’s father, Marvin Greer.

For their part, the driving officer said, “When I turned around to see what Brianna Greer was doing, I heard the passenger-side back door open,” according to mayor’s office documents obtained by 13WMAZ, a local CBS affiliate.

But the latest findings from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, published on Wednesday, paint a different picture of the incident.

As The Daily Beast reported last week, Greer has been experiencing increasingly troubling symptoms of her schizophrenia, and her family fears she has stopped taking the medication.

Usually, the young woman liked to dance and sing to rap and hip-hop – “anything has a good beat,” her father told The Daily Beast. She also loved cooking outside, as well as being with her 3 year old twin daughters.

But when her parents couldn’t comfort her during a mental health episode, the family called 911.

“I told the kids that the police had to take their mom away and that she needed some help,” Marvin Greer told The Daily Beast.

Instead, the deputies smelled alcohol on her breath, the family recalls, and decided to arrest her first – by handcuffing her and putting her in the car.

The latest issue of GBI details some of the last moments of the struggle before its deadly downfall.

“Garer was on the ground, refusing to get into the patrol car,” the office said in a statement. Jarir stated that she would hurt herself.

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After putting her in the back seat of the car, and failing to secure her with her seat belt, one of the deputies thought they had closed the passenger side door but in reality they didn’t, according to the GBI. After driving “a short distance, body camera footage revealed that the deputies had no further contact with Jarir from the moment he was put in the car until she fell from the moving vehicle,” the agency said.

Grier was hospitalized after the fall, and died several days later, on July 21. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this week’s new GBI results.

When reached again for comment Thursday, Marvin Greer said the family had hired prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump, and declined to comment. Crump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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