The real reason, Paul Sorvino almost stopped Goodfellas

The good comrades Her family had another hiatus in 2022. In May, they lost their legendary anti-hero Ray Liotta, who memorably portrayed the notorious gangster and FBI informant, Henry Hill.

As fans as well as the crew and cast of Martin Scorsese’s classic continue to address the reality of that loss, they are struck by news of the death of Paul Sorvino – another star of the film – in Jacksonville, Florida.

The sad news was announced by Mira, the eldest daughter of Sorvino. “My great father Paul Sorvino has passed away,” the actress wrote in a post on her Twitter account. My heart is cracked – the life of love, joy and wisdom ended with him. He was the coolest father. I love him so much. I send you love in the stars, Dad, as you go up.

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in good comradesSorvino played a gangster named Paul Cicero, who was also based on a real-life character, known as Paul Vario.

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As with most of his co-stars, the character would become one of the most recognizable in his career. Things would have been quite different, though, considering he really came close to leaving the role.

Who else was on the “Good Boys” cast?

Before Martin Scorsese decided to work on it good comradesHe was tired of making gangster movies. That was until he read Nicholas Bilge’s real-life novel wise personAnd he changed his mind.

Online synopsis of the movie He describes it as a “young man” story. [who] He grows up in the mob and works hard to develop himself through the ranks. He enjoys his life of money and luxury, but is oblivious to the horror it causes. Drug addiction and some mistakes ultimately reveal his rise to the top.

The young man referred to here is of course Henry Hill, the character portrayed by Ray Liotta. Robert De Niro was another major star in the movie, playing a gang boss named James Conway. Like Sorvino, the character drawn by De Niro had a fictional name, but was inspired by a real gangster known as Jimmy Burke.

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Joe Pesci appeared as Tommy DeVito, although his portrayal of the real-life version of Thomas DeSimone wasn’t entirely accurate.

Paul Sorvino struggled with his character duplicity in ‘Goodfellas’

Lauren Bracco, Frank Severo, and Frank Vincent are among the other stars who were also part of the cast. good comrades. Martin Scorsese’s mother, Catherine, also had a cameo role, as did Samuel L. Jackson and Isiah Whitlock Jr., albeit long before the kind of fame they have in Hollywood today.

Paul Sorvino was as distinguished as Paul Cicero, but he almost walked away from the role before he even started. The actor revealed this during a panel discussion with Jon Stewart at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

“I was quitting after nearly four weeks and we were supposed to start in three days and I called my manager and said, ‘Get me out of this, I can’t do that,'” Sorvino told Stewart. He then went on to explain his reasons for feeling at the time, expressing the struggles he had with his character.

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“The real difficulty there,” Sorvino explained, “was the inner life…that strange ramifications of personality.” “When they’re at home, they’re family members. And when they’re out, they shoot people.”

What else did Paul Sorvino say about his role in The Good Comrades?

The sentiments expressed by Paul Sorvino at the 14th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in 2015 were consistent with his comments on his character in good comrades over the years. In October 1990, for example, he remembered his role in An interview with the New York Times.

“In terms of showing an Italian-American from Brooklyn’s speech and actions, it’s not that hard,” Sorvino said. The hard part was Paul Cicero’s violent side, which he admitted was very far from his identity as a person.

He continued, “What I didn’t know, and what I wasn’t sure I would find was a core of absolute coldness and hardness that goes against my nature except when my family is threatened.”

Sorvino initially thought he could never take advantage of this aspect of the character, which was the reason behind his idea of ​​quitting. However, when everything was clicked, he was even surprised.

It took two months, he said, and I never thought I would understand. “[But] One day I passed a mirror and I stunned myself.”

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