When kids used to carry guns, there was no shooting at school

On Friday, a Newsmax host appeared to suggest that recent school shootings were the result of students not bringing guns to class, saying that when kids did so decades ago, there were no “mass shootings” and “no problems.”

Carl Higby, in an interview with Representative Greg Stube (R-FL), focused on the assault weapons ban passed the house Earlier in the day, a clip showed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) criticizing methods used by “some completely irresponsible people” to train their young children to use firearms. Higby was upset by her statement.

“I would say that about a hundred years ago these young children of 8, 9 and 10 used to carry guns to school as quite normal in a lot of parts of the country—and perhaps as recently as a hundred years ago,” Higby claimed overwhelmingly, Which Stube agreed to.

Higby, who worked at the Super PAC that supported Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, also boasted that he taught his 9-year-old son how to use an AR-15.

“Do you think guns, as Nancy Pelosi says, really are the problem?” The Iraq War veteran and congressional candidate asked about Connecticut for 2014.

“Of course they’re not the problem,” replied Steub, who, as a testament to his devotion to the Second Amendment, couldn’t help but flaunt his gun collection during last month’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on gun reform.

Steube then compared firearms to cars and cooking appliances.

“Should we ban vehicles because they kill people?” Asked. Should we ban pressure cookers from Boston? [Marathon] Bomber did they use because they used those to kill people? No, this is just a tool and a tool that terrorists, murderers and criminals use to commit their crimes.”

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