5 Celebrities Who Prefer Yeezys Over Jordan (And 5 Celebs That Won’t Go anywhere near them)

Adidas and Nike have always been some of the top names when it comes to launching sophisticated and distinctive footwear in the market. What makes these brands even more hype are their collaboration projects with the two famous personalities. Everyone knows that basketball star Michael Jordan has had a longstanding partnership with Nike since its first launch of Air Jordan in 1985. On the other hand, Yeezy is a reputable brand owned by American rapper Kanye West. He is known to collaborate with many other brands including Louis Vuitton, Bape and Nike. However, these partnerships did not last long until he reached an agreement with Adidas, which was a huge success.

In this growing market of modern consumers, the question of being the best when it comes to producing stylish sneakers is still unknown. Although it comes with someone’s personal preferences, these two brands have already taken the step of creating shoes that will take you into the fashion world of sneakers. To show it, these are the celebs who liked Yeezy more than Kanye West and those who don’t like getting close to her.

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10 Gigi Hadid (wearing Yeezy)

While this cute model looks great in just about anything, Gigi Hadid proves it even more with her Yeezy sneakers. Gigi is a huge fan of this sneaker brand and has been seen wearing them often. But this is not a huge surprise, as she is one of the best friends of model Kendall Jenner, who has close relations with Kanye West through her sister.

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9 Justin Timberlake (not wearing Yeezy)

NSYNC member Justin Timberlake wore a number of high-quality sneakers, but never Yeezy. It started after Kanye West publicly shamed Justin’s solo duet “Suit and Tie” with JayZ in 2013. The singer booed and retaliated by changing the ad-libbed song to a rapper while performing on SNL. An accident, but Justin may not be able to get a pair of Kanye’s Yeezy anytime soon.

8 Justin Bieber (wearing Yeezy)

The friendship between Justin Bieber and Kanye West has really come a long way, especially since they both shared the same director before. This is why it is not news that the singer will also support his friend’s brand line. Justin has been seen in a lot of different Yeezy before. But the most controversial photo is of him wearing Yeezy NSTLD shoes, a kind of experimental design by rapper Kanye West. If Justin fans remember, even at first, the singer really has a kick for an interesting fashion style.

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7 Amber Rose (not wearing Yeezy)

Amber Rose’s dramatic feud with Kanye West Ensures that she will never be seen wearing Yeezy. The two dated for two years but broke up in 2010. After a few years of separating from the rapper, Amber claimed that West picked her up since their split, which is evidenced by the comments the rapper made in one of his old interviews.

6 Joe Jonas (wearing Yeezy)

Twins twinning has always been a hot trend for Joe Jonas and his now wife, Sophie Turner, a Game of Thrones actress. On many occasions, they have been photographed in a matching style and two pairs of matching sneakers. Some of these sneakers are from the Yeezy line. Even before marrying the actress, Joe expressed his love for the Yeezys when he posted a photo of the DIY pair that mocked the brand, despite it being just silly.

5 Taylor Swift (don’t wear Yeezy)

Kanye and Taylor Swift were relatively friends Before the former rushes to the stage and steals the young singer from her winning speech. This has become a controversial topic among the media and artists. Although the two seem to have buried the hatchet after being seen together at the awards show, and Taylor even presented Kanye with a Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV VMAs, their story continued into 2016. When Kanye released his song “Famous,” it was Taylor is quick to make a statement about the song’s questionable theme. The pop singer claimed that she was never aware of the actual lyric “I Made That Bitch Famous” which carries a strong anti-women message. Further fanning the fire, Kim Kardashian got involved in the situation causing an even bigger controversy between the two. With all that’s happened, it’s safe to say that Taylor won’t be expected to support the brand when her brother, Austin, is allegedly thrown away from her husband Yeezy.

4 The Kardashian/Jenner Family (wearing Yeezy)

Kim Kardashian sparked controversy when she tried to sell her pairs of black Yeezy sandals on her website for $375 and $350 after her divorce from rapper and Yeezy founder Kanye West. I’m not sure what a relationship would look like, as for the separated couple, Kim has been constantly supporting her ex-husband’s Yeezy brand through her series of Instagram posts. She was also seen wearing her husband’s brand while outing with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Besides her, the Jenner sisters are also supporting Yeezy and even designing the line.

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3 Shirley Mason (don’t wear yeezy)

Kanye West has made it difficult for leading actress of rock band Grabage, Shirley Mason, to purchase a pair of his brand after he made a disrespectful comment towards lead musician Beck Hansen. The American rapper and businessman is almost conquering again The stage after Beck beat Beyoncé to the Album of the Year award at 2015 GRAMMYs. She annoyed Shirley on Facebook, writing that Kanye made himself look small, petty, and spoiled in an effort to downplay one great talent over another, making musicians and musicians of all kinds laugh at her. owned by him.

2 Brandon Flowers (not wearing Yeezy)

Brandon Flowers has always been vocal about his thoughts on Kanye West. As the others swing on him, Brandon is frustrated by everyone’s fear, calling the rapper other than a genius. Even in the statement he made in 2006, he said that Kanye West made him “sick” and so far that thought hasn’t changed. If that’s a statement you’re going to get from someone, he’s probably not a fan of Yeezy either.

1 Kanye West (wearing Yeezy)

Who would wear Yeezy other than its founder and designer, Kanye West? It was in 2006 when the American rapper decided to put together a fashion brand in his name. Kanye’s attempt to show off his designs with a touch of his personal sensibility pays off after his collaboration with Adidas becomes a huge success. Many people loved his unique style of sneaker designs, which became the talk of the town at the time. To this day, the brand remains thriving in a competitive market thanks to the brand’s healthy partnership with Adidas combined with Kanye’s creative mind.

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