According to Nintendo, Kirby and the Forgotten Earth has already broken the series of records

Nintendo says Kirby and the Forgotten Land have seen the “highest sales” of any entry in the series to date.

The critically acclaimed Switch title sold 4 million copies in its first 15 weeks, which Nintendo claims is a record for the series.

However, it is widely claimed online that Kirby’s Dream Land on the Game Boy has sold more than 5 million copies – a law often attributed to Entertainment PC Suppliers Association.

It’s not clear, then, whether Nintendo is now suggesting this information is inaccurate, or whether it’s saying Forgotten Land has sold more copies in 15 weeks than any other Kirby title.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land review | VGC

Regardless, the numbers bode well for a title that, according to an interview posted to Nintendo’s website in March, took nearly two decades of struggle before Nintendo and HAL were able to make the Kirby 3D platformer.

Nintendo’s new claims back up reports shortly after the game’s release that it was breaking records in various regions.

Famitsu It reported in March that based on its sales data, the game enjoyed the largest Japanese launch in franchise history, selling 380,000 copies in its first week, more than any other Kirby game in Japan.

Similarly, only physical GfK sales data published by J It was suggested that the game enjoyed the best first-week sales of any Kirby title in the UK, and after its first week it was already the fifth best-selling game in the series’ UK history, without also taking digital sales into account.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has received widespread critical acclaim, with a current score of 85 on the review aggregator site. Metacritic.

VGC’s Kirby and the Forgotten Land review describes it as “another masterful magician of HAL sniffing hero,” adding: “The platform won’t give Mario any turbulent nights, but the vast creativity around it makes for a bold, spirited adventure.”