John Oliver hilariously mocks Alex Jones for failing libel trial

A week after he kicked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his way out the door, John Oliver returned to last week tonight Sunday’s office to hear the libel trial of deranged conspiracy theory analyst Alex Jones, who has been found responsible for the false claim that the Sandy Hook massacre was a “hoax” full of “actors.”

The jury awarded Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, parents of murdered 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, $45.2 million in punitive damages and $4.1 million in damages. Jones, 48, faces additional defamation lawsuits in Connecticut and Texas.

After describing Jones as “a man who boldly answers the question: What if Grimace was a proud boy?” Oliver exclaimed, “Guess what, Alex? He fucked the info and the info won this time.” “The way he handled this trial is almost a master’s degree in what not to do in court,” he added.

For starters, Oliver pointed out, the judge became so “angry” at Jones’ lying in court that she halted the proceedings at one point to remedy the matter, telling him, “It seems absurd to tell you again that you must tell the truth while you testify, and here I am.” : You are Should Tell the truth while you testify… This is not your show.”

That didn’t stop Jones, who continued to appear during the trial on truth-averse Infowars, stating, according to Oliver, ” [the judge] to pedophilia” and suggested that his political enemies stacked the jury with ‘blue-collar’ people who were unable to decide what damage he should pay. Such was the case for Jones, who once claimed that the government was poisoning the water and making the frogs turn into gays, that Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was a crisis actor, that the car attack in Charlottesville was a pseudo-science operation, that Michelle Obama was transgender, and that 9/11 was a “government-controlled bombing.”

“There was one development he probably didn’t see coming,” Oliver said of Jones’ trial.

A lawyer representing the parents of murdered child Sandy Hook presented a text message in court that proved Jones lied on the podium when he claimed there were no text messages on his phone talking about Sandy Hook. When Jones expressed his astonishment at where the attorney might have gotten him, he explained to Jones: “You know [that] 12 days ago, your lawyers got it wrong and sent me a full digital copy of your entire mobile phone, with every text message you’ve sent over the past two years? And when he knew, [they] Have you taken any steps to determine that it is privileged or protected in any way? And as of a couple of days ago, it’s free and clear in my possession, and that’s how I know you lied to me when you said you had no texts about Sandy Hook.”

“This is Perry Mason’s moment,” replied a stunned Jones.

“Oh shit!” shouted Oliver. “First of all, this lawyer is credited with having the incredible patience to sit through those text messages for a full 12 days…but the content of Jones’ phone could become a problem for him. Not only did the January 6 commission actually request these phone records, but it also showed that Jones had , who tried to defend poverty in this case, has been generating $800,000 per day in sales in recent years.”

Oliver concluded, “Look, obviously, none of this is going to stop him. Two more experiments are coming, and it’s likely that he’ll find ways to turn them into a clown show as well and fundraise for them too. But at the very least, this phone could make his life that much more difficult.” – And for a while. And this is something we should all be allowed to enjoy, because waking up one morning knowing that Alex Jones’ lawyers accidentally shared his cell phone records is a real blessing. We don’t deserve this, but one thing is for sure: he sure Do.”


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