Chloe Bailey hits back at critics of her music: ‘You can’t please everyone, do what makes you happy’

Hardly a day goes by that Chloe Bailey doesn’t find herself a trending topic on social media, but this time it was because she’s tired of unnecessary criticism of her music. Chloe Bailey got off her chest on Twitter following some of the reactions to a new song she previewed a few hours ago.

Chloe Bailey is generally known to keep things positive on social media, interacting with her fans and Share new music, photos and videos regularly. However, everyone reaches their breaking point and it seems that he has had enough.

After giving her fans a taste of her new music in a short video clip posted to her Instagram, which showed her dancing along to the song in the studio, some fans slammed Khloe’s music – and she clearly He noticed it and replied. With a strong handshake

Chloe wrote on Twitter:

First I can’t sing, now I have to go back to singing. You can’t please everyone, so do what makes you happy. When I teased for the first time, Rahmat hated it more than that [went] Platinum is fine.”

In his tweet, he mentions the recent news that his first solo single “Have Mercy” has just gone platinum. Meanwhile, Chloe Bailey is gearing up to release her fourth single, ‘For The Night’, in the coming weeks. He is also nominated for Best R&B Video at the MTV VMAs for the first time.

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