Lena Dunham’s second new movie of the year is ‘The Glamorous Catherine Cold Birdie’

“I wish I could help every girl. But for now, I am enough.”

It is a tale as old as time. In the first trailer Lena Dunham’s new movie Catherine is called Birdie, young lady Catherine, also known as Byrdie (Bella Ramsay), is under harsh scrutiny by her father, Sir Rollo (Andrew Scott). It’s a woman – his daughter! – So you should follow his orders and marry the man of his choice. Case closed.

But Byrdie has another plan on his mind. Despite her father’s penchant for money, treating his poor daughter like a commodity she trades in the market, Birdie loves her freedom just as much. She refuses to marry, especially to an old creeper who appears on her doorstep! Any teen in their right mind would turn down some random dude. Total.

However, how could Sir Rollo justify his daughter’s reckless behavior after she continued to insult her suitors, behave inappropriately, and elude her future like an arrow headed straight for her head? A bumbling idiot, Rollo failed to defend his daughter in any way. When you don’t make dinner, he makes up a bad excuse. “I think she came up with something,” he says. “I think there is a bit of smallpox spreading.”

And as we all know, when you tell a group of people that there’s a virus hanging in the air, they’re going to (rightfully) lose it. Smallpox, even a small one, is probably not the best fake disease for your daughter.

Lena Dunham girls Fame (and Shame) directed and wrote the film, which is based on Karen Cushman’s 1994 novel of the same name. after, after girlsDunham has worked as a writer, producer and director on series such as generic + ionAnd the industryand the movie sharp stickIt’s the first in a decade.

Catherine is called Birdie Coming in just two months sharp stickBut except for their director, the films are nothing like each other. sharp stick It follows a young woman who begins an affair with her older employer. Catherine is called BirdieOn the other hand, it sounds like Jane Austen’s work.

Catherine is called Birdie It will debut on Prime Video on September 23.

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