Sidney Sweeney calls Sam Levinson “crazy” after one call

Hard to imagine a file trance Cast without Sidney Sweeney. Her portrayal of Cassie Howard in the show’s second year season led to her being nominated for an Emmy Award. But Sweeney could easily have turned down her chance to be on the show. The actor was offered another role in the Netflix series and had to choose between it and trance. However, after speaking with Sam Levinson, her choice was clear.

“Ecstasy” star Sidney Sweeney | Arturo Holmes / Movie Magic

Sidney Sweeney has agreed to join the cast of “Ecstasy” after speaking with Sam Levinson

Levinson, of course, is the creator behind trance. The series is the sole writer behind the HBO series. He is also the recurring director of the series, directing all but 3 episodes. When Sweeney was deciding whether or not to join the cast, she asked for a call with Levinson. During this call, the writer was able to share Cassie’s arc for the first full season with him peepers alum. This solidified her decision to sign up for the show, who was then just a pilot.

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