The free update for Breaking the Sun will arrive tomorrow


Capcom has released new details for its free update to Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakHe is due to be released on Wednesday morning. Ready for release on August 10, this update brings with it four fan-favorite monsters ready to ruin your day, along with a new expansion to the Anomaly Quest system that will provide you with increasing challenges for even better rewards. On top of that, those who have reached rank 10 major will also get new event quests every week after the update starts. In addition, the game will launch on August 18, and players will be able to experience the “double-threats” hunt for an additional challenge. There are a lot of new fashions in the game as well as some downloadable content options if you choose to spend the money. We have more details from the developers below as this is the first of two free updates, and the second is coming in September.

Monster Hunter Rise: Free Sunbreaking Update Arrives Tomorrow
Credit: Capcom

Last seen in 2013 Monster Hunter 3 UltimateLucent Nargacuga refracts moonlight from his brilliant white fur to become nearly invisible, save for his piercing red eyes. Her relentless attacks and incredible speed make her a punitive target for even the most experienced hunters. This graceful predator makes its place in the newly redesigned Forlorn Arena, defined by crumbling stone buildings and columns. As if an invisible enemy wasn’t enough to deal with, Hunters must also prepare for Seething Bazelgeuse to smash the party with its incredibly fickle explosive scales. Known for being a portable menace and a propensity to arrive at the most inconvenient times, Seething Bazelgeuse brings a stylized style to any hunt. Finally, Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos are also moving to Title Update 1. These rare sub-genres are more ferocious than their popular counterparts. In addition, the armor that can be created from monster materials added in version 11 will include new unique skills.

Alongside these horrific new contenders, the Anomaly Research Quest system is being expanded as part of Title Update 1. The new five-star rank of Anomaly Quests has been unlocked, which includes new infected monsters like Lunagaron and Magma Almudron that can be unlocked by progressing through ‘Quests’ Investigation of new anomalies. In addition, a new search system, Anomalies Investigations, has been added. These missions introduce random quest conditions, such as target monsters, locations, and number of hunters in gradually increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the difficulty rating, the better the rewards! Anomaly probes also introduce new materials that enable hunters to further customize their gear in the gourd industry. Hunters can customize their favorite improvements, such as attack power and weapon affinity, and skill points can be changed randomly for armor, defense, and resistance. Hunters looking for specific items can stop by Harry’s new Anomaly Research Lab to exchange special items gained from anomalies investigations with items useful for Quranic crafting.

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