Universal seems to confirm that the lead actor is still part of the thrill ride

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When riding Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios in Orlando, it’s hard to pick a favorite moment of the thrilling attraction. From fearsome insects to fearsome Imhotep, the journey is filled with unforgettable moments.

But perhaps the most memorable comes at the end of the journey.

Universal Orlando's Mummy's Revenge
Credit: Universal

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As you return to the unloading station, you see Brendan Fraser (Rick O’ Connell) in the interview chair. Frase (O’ Connell) passionately says:

“Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I would have enjoyed this interview more if you had my cup of coffee!”

Imhotep, of course, is happy to deliver it, and when his shadow falls over a freezer, the screen goes black, and we hear famous music from mummy (1999) Play franchise, applause as we get out of the ride vehicle.

Mummy's Revenge
Credit: Universal

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However, with Universal confirming earlier this year that the dark ship was set for an extended shutdown, many were concerned that Brendan Fraser wouldn’t make it past the renovation. The attraction has been included in the “late this summer” opening roster, with no word yet on when it will return as of August 10, 2022.

It wouldn’t be the most shocking decision for Universal, as CinemaBlend Writes:

There are certainly a few reasons why you might consider updating your Journey Story. The video component is shown in standard definition video, and therefore it shows the age of the attraction, which opened in 2004, perhaps more than anything else. That and the fact that the Brendan Fraser Mummy franchise hasn’t seen a new entry since 2008.

but, eagle eye guest I spotted Brendan Fraser still on the televisions inside the attraction building, hopefully indicating that he’s here to stay:

This is comfortable. From Universal Orlando

We are also relieved to know that Brendan Fraser is still apparently part of the journey. We also can’t wait for this defining experience to be back at Universal Studios Resort in Orlando and hope to see it reopen soon.

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