Tennis League VR launches free demo on Meta Quest


Developer AnotheReality and publisher HIP have dropped a free demo of their game VR . Tennis League Meta Quest players to try it out. There are a number of different titles that attempt different types of sports around the world, but they often have some kind of angle or twist that makes them different. Especially when people decide they want to make something for the “basketball, but robots” or “baseball in space” effect. This game was created under the idea of ​​making a somewhat original tennis title; However, other than the regular game, you will also be able to try out different modes that put these tennis skills to the test.

Nothing too unreal or too fancy, just a test of skill where you will get what is basically a full VR tennis title to keep you occupied and trained in a virtual environment for hours. Which doesn’t even include the ability to take on other real opponents and put matches in front of a live audience, if you choose to show off in front of an audience. You can watch a video of the gameplay below.

credit: HIP

Designed for casual audiences and aspiring professionals, VR . Tennis League It offers the thrill of intense rallies and a perfect ace landing victory with the most realistic tennis physics available in VR. Download the free demo and join over 50,000 other players who have already thrown, sliced ​​and leveled their way to the match point. Developed with tennis and sports care professionals, VR . Tennis League Offers a challenge for every skill level. Virtual heroes can play solo across a variety of modes including professional and custom games. Host your own online tournament or singles matches and invite up to 8 friends to watch as they cheer or cheer for you. Use real techniques to dominate the leaderboards and crush the competition.

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