Celebrity tweets have been canceled 10 times

Twitter has evolved into a powerful court of public opinion, and de-culture is a factor. This phenomenon occurs when people get angry about anything a company or individual has done or said. According to those who oppose it, threats to cancel can also be polarizing and hamper free speech. It is hard to dispute that change was trending for the first time and that the abolition of culture stimulated important discussions. Twitter has also contributed to increased reports and accusations of sexism, sexual assault and discriminatory treatment of women, yet the power of a culture of cancellation can also destroy lives and jobs. And in some cases, Twitter users may have acted as a judge and jury without understanding the circumstances of their outrage. Sexual assault allegations, malicious tweets, and a craving for cannibalism. The tweets from some of the most ridiculous and amazing celebrity cancels are listed below.

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10 James Jenn

After several previous Twitter posts were exposed, James Gunn was suddenly revealed fired from Guardians of the Galaxy series. The posts in question, which covered many controversial topics, were written and published before Gunn began work on the franchise. Gunn jokes about tough topics like AIDS, sexual abuse, the Holocaust, and adult-child relationships. Soon after several news sites covered the tweets, he briefly closed and removed his Twitter account, but screenshots circulated widely across the internet. On Twitter, Gunn has defended himself, writing several posts claiming that his previous comments were just one element of his formerly candid comedy.

9 Marsha Blackburn

Representative Marsha Blackburn, a vocal opponent of Obamacare in 2017, thought she would energize her supporters by taking a Twitter poll asking them what they thought of repealing the health care law. Unfortunately for her, 6,700 voters, or 84 percent of those who cast their ballots, preferred that Congress not repeal it. However, as CNBC noted, it is plausible that Democrats had little influence on her poll. Eric Schultz, the Obama administration’s press secretary, shared the survey with his more than 23,000 Twitter followers.

8 Chrissy Teigen

For regular people, learning more about the lavish lifestyles that some celebrities lead can be very interesting. On the other hand, it is not easy for people to resent some singers when they brag about their success outside the boundaries of songs. Unfortunately, when Chrissy Teigen tweeted in 2021 about a bottle of wine costing a ridiculous amount, many readers mistook her statement as little more than a veiled bragging.

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7 Roseanne Bar

for previous years, Roseanne Barr’s Twitter account Full of conspiracy theories and biased commentary, but one in particular I posted on May 29, 2018, got her into trouble. Former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, a black woman, was mentioned in a tweet by author and star Roseanne. Jarrett has been compared to a monkey by Barr in a series of tweets. Barr apologized for the bad joke about her politics and her appearance after receiving a barrage of criticism from people. Unfortunately for Barr, no one was willing to apologize for her statements. ABC has stopped broadcasting Roseanne. ICM Partners, a bar agency, also fired her.

6 Betsy DeVos

It appears that Betsy DeVos, a billionaire from Michigan, making her way to the White House, tweeted a photo of her first day as Secretary of Education. She posted on Twitter a picture of her on her first day at work, which upset some people, and DeVos was subjected to a barrage of criticism from politicians and the public during the hearings. DeVos’ critics, even her stance on the school’s rifles, have come under fire. Vice President Mike Pence broke the tie vote to confirm her.

5 Vanessa Hudgens

After making statements dismissing the idea that self-quarantine could last until the summer, Vanessa Hudgens came under fire. In an Instagram video, actress Vanessa Hudgens allegedly made disrespectful comments about the coronavirus outbreak, saying the deaths were horrific but inevitable. She also expressed her regret for offending everyone and everyone in a statement she posted on her Twitter account the next day. The actress who is still in great shape regretted her comments, saying it was a crazy moment for everyone.

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4 J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter The writer started an uproar with her social media posts against the transgender community in December 2019 when she defended a British woman who lost her job over tweets that were seen as transphobic. A development organization has claimed that it desires a more equal society after COVID-19 for people who are menstruating. Six months later, Rowling added fuel to the fire with a sarcastic tweet of her own. The last time Rowling published an article on her personal website explaining her position without putting out any flames. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, has publicly criticized her as well as continued criticism online from fans. Meanwhile, many ardent Potter fans have covered up tattoos related to Hogwarts after being shocked by her views.

3 Nick Cannon

After ViacomCBS ditched the comedian for making bad comments, his name began appearing on Twitter on July 15, 2020. The news has fueled controversy over whether it is appropriate to hold public figures accountable for their ideas. Some believe that the VH1 and MTV show host, Wild ‘n Out They must be separated, which often means disassociating themselves from their products. Others have questioned what happened to freedom of expression on Twitter, where it could cause conflict, and opponents claim that threats of suspension restrict it.

2 Jia Jin

After making inappropriate comments about the virus in July 2020, RuPaul’s Drag Race alumGia Gunn has apologized. Later, she posted an apology and a link to her apology video on YouTube. Gunn’s views on the pandemic, which has killed nearly 500,000 people and infected more than 9.5 million worldwide, ignore the fact that wearing face masks and avoiding close contact with others greatly reduces the chance of transmission. Of course, it didn’t take long for her supporters and fellow queens to start criticizing her for spreading false information.

1 David Eason

David Eason The star of the popular reality TV series MTV Teen Mom 2He was fired from his position for tweeting a series of homophobic comments. According to a statement from the network, David Eason’s private statements do not represent MTV’s views. It is also claimed that they immediately end their partnership with him just six weeks before the filming of Teen Mom 2. Teen Mom fans flocked to social media to denounce Eason’s participation in the show after he was accused of labeling gays and transgender people as an abomination. . Eason’s Twitter account has been deleted since the uproar, but screenshots of the allegedly offensive remarks have been circulating on social media.

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