Even Newsmax is giving Dr. Oz grief over Crudité’s awesome video

Things are going so well for Dr. Mehmet Oz that senators who has been endorsed by Trump are now upset even by MAGA’s new cable outlet Newsmax.

Earlier this week, Jon Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for the Pennsylvania Senate, beat Oz Video appeared from April Where the famous doctor wanders down the vegetable aisle of a grocery store and dreads the costs of building a “crudité” –Without tequila, mind. Oz also claimed to have been shopping at Wegner’s, apparently mixing up the names of two local supermarkets – Wegmans and Redner’s.

“In PA, we call this a vegetable tray,” Fetterman joked in one tweet. The deputy governor of Pennsylvania, who has repeatedly ridiculed Oz as a rugged, unrivaled elite, also targeted the former TV star for failing to name the grocery chain.

With Fetterman’s campaign They brag about collecting more than half a million dollars After the video of Oz went viral, the . file became The Republican candidate He ran to Newsmax on Wednesday morning hoping to turn the tide.

Unfortunately for the Doctor, he finds himself at the end of a rather difficult questioning by Lt. Col. Sean Cressman.

“Let’s talk about rudeness, if we can,” the Newsmax host said, perhaps ominously. “You know, this video went viral really fast. I was at Wegmans going through the vegetable aisle, basically hitting on inflation and how things cost more; it’s going to cost you over $20 to put together a plate of raw bread. You said you were at Wegner’s—it’s a popular local grocery very much in this area are called Wegmans.”

Chrisman asked, “Your answer to this?” Before continuing to pile up: “And it’s not just the video about him that Fetterman is campaigning for. He made quite a bit of money from that video. But it comes down to the factor: Does Dr. Oz relate to the hard-working American daily out there in Pennsylvania?”

After first flaunting how he “saved lives” and “invented devices” as a surgeon and throwing man, Oz insisted that his use of the French term for spreading raw vegetables and dipping had a comical effect.

“You know what I’m kidding about?” said Oz, with a straight face, “a way of talking about how ridiculous it is that you can’t even put vegetables on a plate in the middle of a campaign.”

The TV Doctor then switched to setting up the full campaign presentation, making a number of sweeping talking points about how he was “the one who put us on the right track and tackled so many challenges” in Pennsylvania.

However, Chrisman was not deterred by his original questions about the rough clip.

“I don’t mean to focus on that, but just for those of you watching in Pennsylvania, you know how many people handle their groceries, and what happened with the Wegmans and the Wegners?” Newsmax asked. “Can you explain that to them?”

Oz claimed that the fiasco resulted from “exhaustion” from “organizing the 18-hour day,” even going so far as to say he had “mistaken my children’s names too.” The doctor claimed that these errors should not be “a measure of someone’s ability to lead the Commonwealth” – in a process that appears to confuse the role of senator and governor.

The fallout from the scandalous ad isn’t the only headache for Oz’s campaign, and it’s Currently less than two digits in the last poll. The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that while Oz recently claimed in his campaign hiatus that he only “legitimately” owns two homes, the millionaire actually owns at least a dozen properties – leaving him open to further criticism over his exorbitant wealth and poor ties to the state. .

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