Paul McCartney accidentally taught Patty Boyd’s brothers how to shoot his car with an arrow

At Pattie Boyd and George Harrison’s wedding, Paul McCartney worked hard to be the best man. He sat with Harrison’s parents at dinner, posed for pictures with the couple, and took Boyd’s younger brothers under his wing. The Boyd brothers were much younger than most of the wedding guests, so McCartney took them out in search of a little fun. While he had the best of intentions, his actions resulted in an arrow falling straight into his hood.

Paul McCartney | unlimiteddiona Adams/Redferns

A friend of Pattie Boyd was worried that she would fall in love with Paul McCartney

Boyd met her future husband on the set of The Beatles a hard day’s Night. She didn’t want the role at first – she was a model, not an actress – but eventually agreed to it.

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