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Kim Kardashian mocked JLab headphones in a parody video — after she was accused of plagiarizing her design for the new Beats line

Kim Kardashian is mocked by tech company JLab, makers of skin-tone earbuds, in a new parody video, which The Sun could reveal.

After the reality star was accused of “stealing” their design for a new Beats line, the brand produced an epic parody video titled “Before Beats x Kim, There Was JLab x Win and JLab GO Air Tones.”


Kim Kardashian was mocked by JLab earpods in a parody videoCredit: Beats Fit Pro / YouTube
She was accused of stealing their design for the new Beats font


She was accused of stealing their design for the new Beats fontCredit: JLab/Youtube

The parody showed a man in a Kim-like outfit in silver with blond locks, aiming for a Mughal — and pointing to some of her dubious claims about the “creative process” she claimed she shared with the Beats.

Kim K. lookalike, played by JLab CEO Win Cramer — the creative genius behind the parody video — clarifies a little bit about the JLab earphone product Neutral Tones, which was introduced in late 2021.

“I told myself, there are no neutral-colored products, especially headphones, so I thought we’d tone it down and be neutral to compliment you. I’ve never seen neutral-colored headphones, and JLab is a first with GO Air Tones,” the copyist accused Kim explained.

In the Beats behind-the-scenes video for the product just released this month, the reality star said she came up with the concept on her own.

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In her Behind the Design video, Kim claimed: “My collaboration with Beats happened when I found the Beats Fit Pro and was going to wear it and that was a game changer. And I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if I could find colorful headphones with more colors? impartiality?”

The Kardashian star said she decided to bring the idea straight to the Beats, offering them samples: “I was just bringing my creative concept and color palette to a brand that I’ve always respected and loved and connected with, I mean, they understood the vision right away.”

In a parody, JLab made sure to highlight its affordable price tag of around $20 and longer gaming hours over its all-new competitor in the neutral headphone department, with Beats and Kim.

“It’s kind of [a] statement. Whether it’s to play music, go to the gym, or run around town, I don’t know life is so crazy, I wanted this to be simple, and that’s what I did with JLab GO Air Tones. ”

The video plays perfectly with Kim saying that the Beats headphones are like a reusable fashion accessory.

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“Whether it’s your music, your conversations, or your work life and you’re running around and have your own Fit Pro, I feel like life is pretty crazy, and everything else should be really simple.”

strong hit

When news of Kim’s collaboration came out, people on Reddit criticized the similarities between Kim’s Beats line and JLab’s GO Air Tones that debuted last year.

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One wrote, “Again, KJs stole ideas from other small businesses. They can’t think of any unique ideas to take advantage of their audience? It’s pathetic if you ask me.”

Meanwhile, the Redditor praised JLab’s design, saying, “Their headphones and earphones look really nice. It sucks for Kardashian as he squeezes an idea again.”

Wayne Kramer, CEO of JLab, said he came up with


Wayne Kramer, CEO of JLab, said he came out with “neutral colors” first and made fun of Kim by dressing like her.Credit: JLab/Youtube
He specifically targeted her video


He specifically targeted her videoCredit: Beats Fit Pro / YouTube
JLab said they came up with the idea in 2021 when they first introduced cheaper earbuds


JLab said they came up with the idea in 2021 when they first introduced cheaper earbudsCredit: JLab/Youtube

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