Why was Freaks And Geeks Finale filmed before the show was cancelled

Gaining “mass hit” status often happens when a show gets canceled earlier than some fans think it should be. This was the case when HBO’s Bored To Death went off the air and a number of other shows would have been great had they had more time to grow. Without a doubt, the 1999 movie Freaks and Geeks tops this list.

While most of the cast from Freaks and Geeks have been huge hits, the series couldn’t get a break when it was on the air. She has faced constant hurdles and early cancellations because her die-hard fans are still frustrated.

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Since creator Paul Feig and executive producer Judd Apatow knew their series was in danger of being pulled off the air (despite the great reviews), they did everything they could to prepare a satisfying conclusion. during Interview with Consequence TV On the wonderful soundtrack of Freaks and Geeks, Paul and Judd explain the fascinating history of how the series concluded.

The origin of the last episode of Freaks and Geeks

Most shows don’t have a chance of coming to a proper end before they are pulled off the air. This could have been the case with Paul Feig and Judd Apatow Freaks and Geeks but the two were thinking about the future…

“Paul and I were in Las Vegas. I don’t remember why he was there. I was there seeing Rodney Dangerfield, and we had this discussion about the fact that we thought we were going to cancel the son,” Judd told Consequence TV talking to Paul. And I said to Paul, ‘Maybe you should write the pilot and we can shoot it right away, so that if we get cancelled, at least we’ll have the last episode. “

Everyone knew it was a bad sign to film a series finale while they were still making the middle of season one, but Paul and Judd were able to see which direction the wind was blowing.

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Judd and I were like, ‘What will the end be? Certainly I was wedded to the idea of ​​’everyone needs to go in a different direction.’ And as we were talking, we kind of went, ‘What if Lindsey’ [played by Linda Cardellini] Went to follow the dead? Nothing more. It was just like, ‘You might become a dead head. Maybe she was “dead”. And then I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a fun idea,’ and I went and tried to break the story, but knowing we were going to try to end it with that grateful dead thing. “

Paul claimed to have written much of the epilogue to The Grateful Dead as well as several other songs that ended up in the final product. While he was afraid the show would be cancelled, the music gave him a roadmap that sparked and creatively accomplished it.

Of course, Freaks and Geeks ended up being canceled after only 12 episodes aired on NBC. Other shows, including the ending, aired on ABC Family a few months later. But then the supply fell on the face of the earth.

What happened to the freaks and geeks after it was canceled?

The cancellation of Freaks and Geeks meant certain death. At that time, there was no flow. Freaks and Geeks has yet to receive share status. So it basically disappeared as was the case for many shows from the early 2000s.

DVD sales were also a big problem due to the fact that DreamWorks, who produced the series, did not negotiate worldwide music licensing. So selling DVDs has become an incredibly expensive proposition that most distribution companies don’t want.

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“No one will sell them DVDs. No one will put them on tape,” Paul admitted. So, you’re just desperate because, ‘Well, this thing that I love and that people really love is gone. “I’ve always loved the British model where they would put every show they did, because most shows only had six episodes. They would put it on video and then eventually DVD and you could buy it in stores. Because I used to go to London with my wife all the time, and we’d buy Episodes of old shows and we’re watching, and I remember going, “Why don’t we do that here?” But then you realize if 22 episodes is normal for a season of a TV show, that was too much.”

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Regardless of the few offers Paul received about selling Freaks and Geeks as DVD, it became clear that no one could afford to buy back all the rights to the music. Understandably, Paul didn’t want to replace any of the music because it was such an integral part of the show and its characters.

It took years before the Shout Factory appeared and decided to sell the show on DVD in its original form. Fortunately, DVD sales were huge and they could pay for the recordings.

Where you can watch Freaks and Geeks

When DVDs became obsolete, Freaks and Geeks struggled to find a home again. Viewers had the same problem…the music license was very expensive. Ultimately, Hulu showed interest in exactly 18 episodes of the series as they aired over 20 years ago.

When Hulu announced that they were going to release it, it was the same thing: ‘With all the original songs.’ So I said, ‘Wait. Was there a chance the original songs wouldn’t show?” Paul said. “I didn’t even know those still existed, and now my goal is to make sure these look like they just went out of existence because I never want them to appear without the original music.”

Fortunately, this was not an issue and fans can re-watch all Freaks and Geeks on Hulu just as it was.

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