Did Jim Parsons really go to college and what did he study?

in The Big Bang TheoryJim Parsons portrays Sheldon Cooper, described as a ‘theoretical physicist researching quantum mechanics and string theory,’ [who] Despite his IQ of 187, he finds it difficult to understand many routine aspects of social situations.

Most of Sheldon’s friends are scientists with a very advanced education: Johnny Galecki, Leonard Hofstadter, is an experimental physicist, Rajesh Kothrapally is portrayed by Kunal Nayyar, a particle astrophysicist, while Simon Helberg is featured as Howard Wolowitz, an aeronautical engineer.

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Even Amy Farrah Fowler (drawn by Mayim Bialik)—Sheldon’s mistress and eventual wife—has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. In real life, Bialik holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in neuroscience, with some assuming she is a genius.

Parsons shares some traits with his character as well, most notably the fact that they are both shy. Unlike Bialik with Amy, he’s not quite up to Sheldon when it comes to his level of education.

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in The Big Bang TheorySheldon Cooper holds two Ph.D.s. Plus two master’s degrees. Parsons went to college just fine, but never came close to reaching such heights.

Inside Jim Parsons’ Previous Education Journey

Jim Parsons was born and raised in County Texas, the son of Milton Joseph Parsons Jr. and Judy Ann, whose primary occupation was teaching. He attended Klein Oak High School in Harris County, Lone Star State.

Even before he went to high school, the future star knew he wanted to be an actor. Parsons was quoted as saying in 2010 article on Chron.com.

“I used to say ‘movie star’ when I was younger, but I knew what I meant,” he continued. “I had two years, after high school, trying to leave it behind, in large part because I felt it was a risky career choice, but I quickly realized I was too unhappy not to act and started majoring in theater at the University of Houston.”

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Parsons’ time at UH earned him a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater, but he was determined not to stop there.

Jim Parsons attended Graduate School of San Diego

Jim Parsons’ years at the University of Houston were very formative for his acting career. He invested a lot of time in actual performance on stage, and it is estimated that he participated in about 17 plays during his time there.

The actor was also among the people who founded the now defunct Infernal Bridegroom Productions (IBP). The theater company performed dozens of plays since its inception in 1993, until it was finally closed in 2007.

After leaving UH, Parsons’ journey took him to the University of San Diego afterward, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. His original intention was to continue studying acting at a higher level, but the option to move to a PhD level was not on the table.

For his work on filming Sheldon in the great explosionThe Academic Artist was nominated for the first-ever Emmy Award in 2009.

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In the wake of this confession, Parsons sat down to Round table discussion with other candidates. Here, he talked about his passion for the school, and how he performed in his technical units compared to others.

How did Jim Parsons perform in his art units at school?

For a Roundtable Talk hosted by Newsweek in September 2009, Jim Parsons was joined by John Cryer two and a half menTony Collette from United States Tara And the Saturday Night LiveAmy Poehler.

When the group was asked if any of them had gone to an acting class, Parsons replied, “By the way, I really liked the school. If they offered a Ph.D. in acting, I’d stay there. It was very safe! I went to graduate school. I kept going as long as they had them.” You often surprise yourself with what you were capable of, and not surprised at some things.”

He also revealed his desire to pursue a career path in meteorology for a while. However, his degrees in the major were not at all impressive. “I got good grades after I started in stage acting. I had one F in meteorology,” he explained. “I wanted to be a weatherman for a while, [but] It was the only FI ever.”

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