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Wendy Williams and her ex-lawyer got involved in a heated argument inside a Florida bank days before their accounts were frozen

Wendy Williams and her former lawyer got involved in a heated argument in Florida and Wells Fargo days before their accounts were frozen.

Wendy’s ex-lawyer LaShawn Thomas exclusively told The US Sun in a conversation earlier this year about a tense visit to a Wells Fargo branch in Florida with her then-client just days before the host’s accounts were frozen.


Wendy Williams is under a financial trustee and does not yet have complete control over her accountscredit: Getty
Her ex-lawyer Lachon Thomas spoke about a tense incident in Wells Fargo with Wendy


Her ex-lawyer Lachon Thomas spoke about a tense incident in Wells Fargo with WendyCredit: Miami Entertainment Law Group / Instagram

Lachon admits that she is no longer working with the star, and that she has remained a lawyer for Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter, 49.

When asked if anything untoward had happened with Wendy’s accounts before they were frozen, the attorney explained the following interaction at one of the bank’s brokerage offices in Florida in January.

It denied the existence of any “financial abuse” case raised by the bank in court papers as a concern.

“I met Wendy at Wells Fargo,” Lachon told the US Sun. “We went to the Wells Fargo branch and spoke to the branch manager. We told him what was going on.”

The host’s 58-year-old son, Kevin Jr., 22, was also present during the bank visit, the attorney said.

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Lachon said they were not yet able to obtain Wendy’s bank statements, which were mailed directly to her New York residence.

Her son also wanted to set up online banking services for his mother while she was living in Florida.

“Wendy said she wanted access to the accounts,” LaShawn continued, telling her that the bank manager had told her, “Well, we don’t do that at the retail branch. Those are Wells Fargo consultants, let me see if I can get someone on the line.”

Lachon went on to claim: “He called Laurie (Lori Schiller, Wendy’s longtime financial advisor). He went into another room, had a conversation with Laurie, and walked out.

He said Laurie was willing to talk to Wendy, but she didn’t want anyone else in the room when she was talking to Wendy.

“So Wendy said, ‘No, why can’t she talk to me with a lawyer, I can understand if my son should leave the room, but I want to keep my lawyer here.”

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And Lachon added, “And Laurie said ‘No, I want to talk to Wendy alone,’ and if Wendy doesn’t want to talk to her alone, Laurie won’t talk to Wendy.”

Then the trio left the bank empty-handed.

The source of the interaction confirmed and said that it raised concern, as it was unusual for Wendy to come to a brokerage office with people present and request access to her accounts.

The branch was also not where Wendy was supposed to conduct her business – which she returned to New York.

In a lengthy statement, posted on Instagram by LaShawn on Thursday, she claimed she was barred from contacting Wendy, and denied any allegations of conflict of interest in connection with the Wells Fargo case.

The statement began: “To be clear, there was never a conflict of interest, Judge and Wells Fargo did not want the case because I could not be bought.

“I would never stand by and watch my clients being exploited, so they did everything to get me out of the picture, including threatening to report me to a Florida bar if I contacted my client.

“Their goal was to get Wendy back to New York to get it under control when Wendy was doing well in Florida with her son. She was on the mend, seeing her doctors every day, exercising and having cohesive conversations. The person you see today is vastly different from the person she saw in Florida videos.

“She was isolated and I did everything in my power to help her. My attempts to communicate with Wendy were hampered by the court.

“They don’t want us to see Wendy in good health hence the court’s threats to punish me if I speak to the media or Wendy.”

Lachon then paid tribute to TV host Kevin’s ex-husband and his successes on the Wendy’s Day Talk Show.

When a Wells Fargo representative was asked to comment on the attorney’s allegations, he directed the US Sun to their earlier statements: “We deny any allegations of improper actions in connection with Ms. Williams’ accounts…The financial well-being of our clients is at the heart of everything we do.”

Another statement issued by the bank at the time added: “Wells Fargo’s priority is Ms. Williams’ financial well-being and preservation of her privacy.”

Will Selby, Wendy’s manager, told The US Sun, “I don’t know LaShawn personally, I’ve never met LaShawn, and I’ve only dealt with certain individuals from the court and Wendy’s Wells Fargo account.”

Wendy’s money

The 58-year-old former flight attendant’s accounts came under the control of a financial guardian after her bank alleged she was the victim of financial exploitation, dementia or undue influence in explosive court filings.

The former TV star, who was expected to regain access to her accounts in July, is still unable to access her or her American Express card, which also appears to be restricted in the proceedings.

Will previously told The US Sun that he was trying to help Wendy work through the Wells Fargo situation.

He said he was trying to convince the people involved in her accounts “that what happened before, is not the case now, and that the people who worked with Wendy before are no longer working with her.”

Wendy’s financial guard

As The US Sun previously reported exclusively, Wendy’s controversial battle with Wells Fargo to unfreeze her bank accounts ended after a New York judge appointed a financial guardian to oversee her finances in May.

As one source explained: “The guardianship process has been completed, meaning the financial trustee has been appointed by the court. Now it is up to Wendy’s guardian and the court as to how she gets her money.”

An insider claimed that the bank is now operating under the guidance of Wendy and her guardian.

Several sources have also revealed that a temporary guardian has been in place since at least March, although it is unclear whether the official court-appointed financial guardian is the same person.

As one insider revealed: “The court can ultimately decide to return Wendy full control of her accounts and end the guardianship – but it’s up to the court.”

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Meanwhile, Wendy is said to “still have a voice and still have an opinion” when it comes to her finances, and while she “doesn’t have 100% control at the moment, that could all change soon depending on what the court decides.”

It is not clear who has been named as Wendy’s financial guardian.

Wendy's ex-lawyer and son Kevin Hunter Jr., 22, brought Wendy to the Wells Fargo Florida branch.


Wendy’s ex-lawyer and son Kevin Hunter Jr., 22, brought Wendy to the Wells Fargo Florida branch.Credit: Wendy William/Instagram
Wendy's lawyer said there was a tense conversation about accessing her accounts


Wendy’s lawyer said there was a tense conversation about accessing her accountsCredit: Splash
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Wendy faced a myriad of health issues that prevented her from returning to her showCredit: BackGrid

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