Sidney Sweeney’s sweet gesture has turned into rumors that she secretly loves Donald Trump

It’s a very shameful world to live in if we think it’s okay to hate someone who may or may not have a different political opinion than us. Unfortunately, this is a growing reality. And a dangerous path for the whole of society to take.

Ecstasy star Sidney Sweeney is facing the toxic side of this way of thinking right now.

News outlets are buzzing about a themed birthday party Sydney threw for her mum and the fans’ response to it. While many defend Sydney, others believe she is a secret supporter of the former president Donald Trump She should be punished…

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Sydney Sweeney threw her mom a surprise 60th birthday party

On August 27, 2022, Sidney Sweeney posted a series of photos on her Instagram story thanking the company that helped organize her mom’s surprise birthday party. She explained how she wanted to surprise her mom on her 60th birthday with a country/farm event.

According to Sydney’s story, she told the company what she wanted and they delivered more. Not only was there a country band, line dancer, and mechanical bull, but Sydney also staged signature cookies and unique outfits for her family, including her (grandmother) grandmother.

In her story, she explained that she asked her mother’s friends to take her to a “new country pub” at the age of 60. Instead, they took her to a remote and scenic location for a surprise party of epic proportions.

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While Sidney Sweeney was dealing with some high-profile financial issues, she was more than willing to shell out cash to help pay for the incredible experience of the woman who gave everything to allow her to land a career in show business.

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This isn’t the first time Sydney has shared some of the experiences she’s given her family, but it’s definitely the one that has caused the most controversy.

Inside the controversy over Sidney Sweeney’s mom’s 60th birthday party

After Sydney posted photos of her story, as well as her Instagram feed, some fans started criticizing her.

In fact, few of them wanted to cancel it completely.


Well, for example, it was a party with a rustic theme. And you know what state means, right? If you like any country, it automatically means you are a republican. And all Republicans are bad, right?

This certainly seems to be the opinion of some on the Internet and even Some of the media criticized Sydney To allow certain clothing items to be cut into the party.

For example, many did not like the presence of MAGA-inspired hats. While Sydney and her brother Trent (who posted the majority of photos showing these hats) did wear them, some of their close friends and family members did.

The vast majority of angry fans in the comments section of Instagram believe that these red hats are the exact versions of what became the symbol and spirit of former President Donald Trump.

But these weren’t “Make America Great Again” hats. It was “Make Sixty Great Again” hats… and anyone who’s been to a party store (or even online since 2016) knows that parodies of Trump campaign merchandise are plentiful.

On top of the hats, the man believed to be Sydney’s uncle was heavily criticized.

In a photo showing Sydney, her mother, grandmother, and a birthday cake, a man is seen wearing what appears to be a “Thin Blue Line” T-shirt associated with the Blue Lives Matter movement.

While this sentiment has been supported by some police unions, and those who worry about the lives of officers, it has been used to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement by the far right. According to USA TodayT-shirts have also been seen at quite a few white supremacist rallies.

While this may or may not be one of those T-shirts, true fans of Sweeney know that she has been outspoken in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. And anyone with enough brain cells understands that the unconfirmed beliefs of the Sydney family may not be. reflect her own.

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Unfortunately, the far left clearly doesn’t see it that way as negative comments on Instagram in Sydney seem to be increasing day by day.

Moreover, those who like the idea of ​​Sydney supporting Donald Trump, and some of his followers’ most radical ideas, are waging an immediate war against them.

Sidney Sweeney’s statement on the party

It only took a few hours Sydney to make a public statement on Twitter Both call out some of these aggressive fans and explain her actions.

“You guys, this is barbaric. An innocent celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday turned into a ridiculous political statement, and that wasn’t the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Lots of love to everyone and happy birthday, Mom!”

Of course, that statement wasn’t good enough for some.

A few more people on Twitter responded further wondering if there are Blue Lives Matter shirts as well as MAGA hats…even though they aren’t actually MAGA hats at all.

On the plus side, it appears that more people are coming to Sydney’s assistant than others. Most of them tried to explain that there is nothing in the photos to indicate that she herself is a fan of Donald Trump or his policies. But others have stated that it simply does not matter what political views Sydney holds in particular. What matters is her actions. And spending her hard-earned money on the people she cares about the most is a very loving and caring act.

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