World Boxing Championship Manager 2 will be launched in late 2022


Ziggurat Interactive revealed this morning that it will be releasing the World Boxing Championship Manager 2 later this year. Originally revealed in February, it is a sequel to the original 1990 title, which the company recently revitalized He was released again To experience a new generation. While we don’t have an exact date, it’s clear we’ll get that date sometime during the holidays for PC, with a console release coming out in 2023. For now, here’s more info and the original reveal trailer.

Credit: Ziggurat Interactive

World Boxing Championship Manager 2 It features 32-bit retro-tastic visuals and modernizes the series by adding dynamic lighting, an updated interface, and more battles than you can shake your glove! Refine your fighters to the max in Career Mode, or switch to Story Mode to follow the journeys of real-life boxers on their way from the bottom up. Whatever you play World Boxing Championship Manager 2 You will get the ring this year.

  • An impressive lineup of professional players and staff, including famous licensed characters Rocky Marciano And the Sugar Ray Robinson!
  • 32-bit visuals with state-of-the-art features including dynamic lighting and a combat camera to see your fighter in real time.
  • The comprehensive skill system allows players to build their dream boxer. Be it a mighty king, a one punched wonder, or a super stamina warrior in knockout battle; It is up to the player to create a training path to achieve victory.
  • A complete staffing system provides players with the best coaching staff (and business managers) for their fighters – even if some of those staff are a little unconventional!
  • Twitch integration allows broadcast creators and their viewers to participate in the boxing experience along with random in-game events triggered by the viewer that can either help or hinder the player
  • Full of humor, heart, and personality that made the original game so popular!

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