The proud boy runner is a new chaos taking over the DeSantis School

At least they don’t call themselves “the proud men”.

They are the proud boys, which is befitting of their attention-seeking.

Just look at 30-year-old Nicholas Radovich, who appeared in a Proud Boys hat and T-shirt at an election night celebration on August 23 after winning three right-wing candidates on the school board in Saratoga, Florida. The three victories flipped the board from a long-standing liberal 3-2 majority to a conservative 4-1 majority and the mood was volatile.

When it was time for a group photo, Radovich and fellow 50-year-old Proud Boy John Hoel joined everyone. The jubilant people swarming around Radovic didn’t seem to be bothered by his Proud Boys outfit. They didn’t seem to notice that he was blinking with a white hand signal.

But any number of people spotted it when the photo hit the Twitter world. The resulting commotion was what anyone could have expected. reporter from Sarasota Herald Tribune He sought comment from Bridget Ziegler, the incumbent among the winning school board members. She responded with a written statement. Her words carried more weight as she took an active part in Governor Ron DeSantis’ “parental rights” campaign against “wake up” in schools. She was one of the founders of Moms for Liberty. And her husband is the vice president of state for the Republican Party.

“Proud boys are dangerous,” she said. “They were not involved in the business and played no part in winning, but they attend public events and try to bomb every photo just to secure attention and headlines.”

The remarks prompted fellow Radovichs Proud Boy, Hoel, to post a message to Ziegler on Facebook on Thursday that was first reported by Sarasota Herald Tribune.

“No matter how irrelevant I may have been, I felt the need to respond to Bridget Ziegler’s recent degrading remarks,” Hall wrote. “I have drawn attention in connection with a photograph taken at the election celebration ceremony of the candidate. Of course, it was this fact alone that began to flow left tears in buckets of righteous indignation because I dared to show my face in public and this was to be expected.

Bridget Ziegler’s arrogant response was unexpected. When Ziegler sought comment regarding my presence at the event, proud Boise called, apparently referring to myself and Nick Radovich, “Danger.”

Hoyle noted that Ziegler has also called them “a complete, irrelevant Yahoo.” He noted that she provided another word to describe the proud boys in October of 2021 “during the COVID experience of tyranny, [when] Parents’ speech has almost been shut down by the communist members of our school board at meetings.” The Proud Boys demonstrated outside the home of a liberal school board member named Shirley Brown, who supported a temporary restoration of the mask mandate in response to a spike in COVID cases. They used a megaphone to accuse her of abuse Treatment of Children Ziegler rose to the defense of her fellow board member despite their political differences.

“Bridget referred to us as ‘the donkeys,’” Hall recalls. “We took the insult step by step assuming that Bridget was under a lot of pressure. However, I have reached my level [of] Tolerance and I myself have had enough.”

He continued, “My beloved wife and I were invited to a final victory celebration because of the efforts we had made during this vital campaign to overthrow our liberal school board. Not only did we show up, nor did we flash the bomb. We turned from talking to the other Patriots at the party and were asked to be in a picture. We had no idea who was taking the photo or it would be in the newspaper.”

Hall insisted that the proud boys and their allies played an important role in the Triple Victory.

“We were very involved in getting you to not only get elected, but cross the finish line with a landslide victory!” Howell said. “Despite what you might think, that’s the reality of the situation.”

The Proud Bays had walked around a billboard denouncing a liberal candidate as a “liar” and a “WOKE DEMOCRAT.” They handed out mails saying the Democratic candidates were “BLM/PSL/Antifa Rioters, Planned Parenthood’s Child Planners/Want Grooming.”

The ultimate truth is that Ziegler and her fellow conservative candidates have endorsed this madness and the proud boys will not mature and become rational and stop being a racist hate group because the liberal majority is out.

Honestly, you don’t know anything about me personally or about my brother. Instead, keep working for those who have put you in a position of strength.

John Howell

“We people expect more from our children not to be hidden or surrounded, that is common sense,” Hoyle wrote. “We expect to hear what long- and short-term goals you have for our schools. We expect to see change in management. We expect to see a culling of already in place WOKE programs that separate our children by race and that promote decadence and gender. We expect to see budget cuts that reduce fat excess of management, which will then free up funds to increase teachers’ salaries and benefit the students themselves.”

not finished.

“We want you to promote the laws of morality given to us by our Creator. It is important for our youth to learn how these laws work and how they affect our society. Freedom and morality move in parallel.”

This is from a member of a group that was at the forefront of the January 6 storming of the Capitol.

He continued, “The higher the morals in any society, the greater the freedom.” “The lower the morals in any society, the less freedom. We have a moral problem in our schools because of the WOKE programs that are already in place, and these things have happened under your supervision. Now you have the help you said to bring about change.”


Members of Proud Boyz rally against vaccine mandates on November 20, 2021 in New York City.


It might sound like Ziegler and the others at some tough school board meetings.

He wrote: “Bridget encourages you to ease the disposition of parents who live and work in your community.” “Honestly, you know nothing about me personally or about my brother. Instead, keep working for those who have put you in a position of strength. Most local conservatives see through the mainstream media false narratives. It is interesting to pick and choose The narratives you pull and which ones you don’t. Many people have theories as to why this is but that’s for another time.”

Ziegler might end up asking Brown for advice on how to handle being a target for the Proud Boys.

“The bottom line is, if we are to quell this attack on our children, our families, and our communities, we will have to be united,” Hall continued. This attack will not go away just because you have been elected. We’ll have to keep defending what’s right and I think it’s going to get more and more difficult with time. As long as we are doing what is right, there is no need to attack each other.”

And since they are proud and not proud men, you can imagine who is supposed to be the infallible arbiter of what is right.

“To Bridgette and the newly elected members of the School Board, we are counting on you to fulfill your oath and not to carry out your will, but to whomever gives you this opportunity, ‘We the people.

Hoel ended with the Swahili word for freedom, which the proud boys unabashedly designated as their battle cry.


Ziegler declined to comment other than the statement she also provided to Herald Tribune.

“I stand by my previous comments about the proud boys and their antics,” she said. “I am focused on delivering the board-wide reappointment where voters overwhelmingly came out to support and restore integrity, energy, and interest in our core mission – quality education for all students.”

You can almost forget that the reset you’re considering is DeSantis’ agenda. DeSantis’ most recent appointment to the state board of education was Esther Byrd, who has openly expressed support for both QAnon and the Proud Boys.

Now that was a donkey movement.

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