CM Punk Unleashes Colt Cabana, Adam Page in All Out Media Scrum


“When you improvise, who will you improvise with?” Requested C m Bank. “Okay. Well, you imagine yourself as a journalist. Would you say you’re a friend?” Scott Colton? So you are not his friend? Oh, wow. Wow, that makes us two.”

CM Punk drops a pipe bomb on AEW All Out Media scrum.

“My view,” Punk continued, “if you imagine yourself as a journalist, even if it is for the ridiculous world of professional wrestling, and you have journalistic integrity, people who report on things, mostly slanderous nonsense and lies against me, if you are someone’s friend — if you are not A friend of his, I apologise – but maybe you should reveal what friends you have. “

This is how the media shouted after AEW Everyone is outside started in YoutubePunk spoke to a reporter who couldn’t really be heard on the broadcast, apparently responding to a question about the wrestler with the name Colt Cabana. Cabana used to be friends with Punk, but after the two were accused in a lawsuit brought by the WWE doctor after comments Punk made on the Cabana podcast, it turned into Punk and Cabana suing each other, they disagreed. Cabana worked in AEW before Punk joined, and rumors on the dirt papers suggest that after Punk’s appointment, Cabana won’t be renewed until some wrestlers talked about Cabana backstage. Punk was not a fan of these rumors, which are believed to have come from the former AEW World Champion Executioner Adam Page and his friends, eliteThey are also executive vice presidents and founding partners of AEW. But we’ll get to that shortly.

“I haven’t had anything to do with Scott Colton in nearly a decade. I probably didn’t want to do anything with him for much longer. It’s such a pity to come here and talk about this. I’m on my time, and that’s a ridiculous business. Why? I’m a grown adult man, and I decide not to be friends with someone, it’s none of anyone else’s business, but my friends, if you step back, he’ll catch me. Scott Colton, I felt, I would never do that. My problem was that I wanted to bring a man with me To the top doesn’t want to see me on top Well? Call it jealousy You call it envy, whatever it is. The relationship with Scott Colton ended long before he paid all his bills I have every receipt I have every bill I have every email I have An email where he says, and I quote, “I agree to go our separate ways. I’ll get my own lawyer. You don’t have to pay anymore. This is an email I have. The only reason the public didn’t get to know him was because when I finally had to sue him, by finding out, we found out that he shared a bank account with his mother. This is a fact. Once we found out about this fact and called old Marsha, he emailed, “Oh, can we please drop all this?”

“Now, it’s 2022. I haven’t been friends with this guy since at least 2014, late 2013, and the fact that I have to sit here because we have irresponsible people who call themselves EVPs and can’t manage a target, spread lies and bullshit and put in the media that That I kicked a guy out when I have sex with him, and I don’t want to do anything with him, I don’t care where he works, where he doesn’t work, where he eats, where he sleeps, and the fact that I have to get up here and do this, 2022, is so embarrassing. And if you’re wrong, Damn you. If you’re not, I apologise. But what did I do in this world to deserve a stupid headless damn like Hangman Adam Page to go out on national TV and get into the business for himself? Why? What did you do? Dave? What did you do? Why? Do something God damn it.”

CM Punk Celebrates During AEW All Out Media Concert While Dumping Hangman Adam's Page
CM Punk Celebrates During AEW All Out Media Concert While Dumping Hangman Adam’s Page

Throughout all of this, we feel we should mention, Punk has been drinking beer gratuitously, chewing multiple pastries from a Chicago bakery, and licking his fingers while smashing his co-workers. A few weeks ago, on Quake by the Lake, Punk came back from injury to start a feud with him Jon Moxley, who was crowned the interim world champion in AEW while Punk was injured. During a promotion on Moxley before their first match dynamite, Punk called Hangman Adam Page in the episode, something he wasn’t in “the script”, which makes Page look a coward for not coming into the ring (which he couldn’t do because he wasn’t in the script). This started weeks of intense behind-the-scenes rumors about Punk not getting along with people behind the scenes and potentially unhappy in AEW. Punk and AEW seized the moment, and Punk lost in a squash match to Moxley the following week dynamite, Only to appear a week after he was called for a second match, which he had just won in front of his hometown crowd in Chicago at Everyone is outside. Undoubtedly, all the chaotic behind-the-scenes drama made the match even more legendary. Some of the best stories in pro wrestling start out as real life and turn into “action.” It’s not clear how much Punk works now and how much in real life. If it’s a business, it may be the furthest a major wrestling company has ever gone to in this style of storytelling, with the next furthest example, Vince Russo In WCW, it’s not a story to remember fondly. So it actually seems more likely that this is real life.

“What’s your name, sir?” Punk asked a reporter named Nick. “Damn the Penguins of Pittsburgh. What are you doing, man? What are you doing?”

At this point, AEW owner Tony Khan who had been sitting next to Punk the whole time, smiling awkwardly, tried to intervene. “You really made it clear in Forbes And I want to make it clear again—”

But Punk cut him off. “It is not in his position to make it absurd. There are people who call themselves Executive Vice Presidents who should have known better. This nonsense was not their business. I understand holding on to your damn friends. I get it. I commented more to this guy than any Someone else. I paid his bills until I didn’t, and it was my decision not to.”

Tony once again tried to shift the blame to things getting out of hand, but Punk wasn’t in a hurry.

“I appreciate it,” Punk assured him. “But I’m trying to run a ridiculous business, and someone who has done nothing in that business is jeopardizing the first million dollar home that this company had crushed my back on and going on national television and doing it; he’s a disgrace to this industry. He’s a disgrace to this company. Now. We’re a long way from apologies, aren’t we? I gave him a fucking chance. It wasn’t handled, and I saw what I had to do, which was unfortunately, I lowered myself to his damned level. But that’s where we are now, and I’m going to keep going up and down In this entry I say, “If you have a problem with me, take it with me. Let’s go fucking. What is your question, Nick? “

Nick asked Tony Khan a question about MJFAnd, by the way, he came back at the end of the show to challenge Punk, which would be the biggest story ever in wrestling that would happen all month if not for this interview. Punk let Tony talk for a while before he jumps up again.

“He wants me to work with pricks constantly. That’s what it is,” Punk said.

Punk, who never seemed to be sorry about anything, said, “Sorry to keep bringing this up, but I’ve never uttered that word, and I don’t know how long, so I’m a little annoyed about it. Mediation and I refused and offered him the money he said it wasn’t enough and he went ahead with the lawsuit and filed a lawsuit It’s his fucking funeral I don’t care He shares a bank account with his mom He tells you everything you need to know about his personality type I appreciate it Nick I’m sorry if I’m a little silly. I’m sore, I’m old, and I’m very tired, and I work with kids who have sex with me.”

Tony Khan tried again to blame.

“We’re all learning here, Tony,” Punk replied. “It’s okay. This is from Mindy’s bakery, by the way. It’s a great place in Chicago if you like pastries and baked goods. You must go there. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, though.”

Punk echoed again when someone else tried to ask a related question. “I’ll tell you why I’m upset about it. Because if you’re an EVP, you’re not trying to mediocrity in your likable face; try to make your niche online audience hate him for some faking gossip. It really pisses me off. You step on your dick.” I’m trying to make money, sell tickets, fill arenas, and these stupid guys think they’re in Reseda.”

“We have a locker room full of great minds,” Punk replied when asked about the roster of veterans working behind the scenes in AEW. Jerry Lane. Dean Malenko. Mark Henry. When I came back, and cut my promo, I thought it was pretty decent; you know what i mean? Kinda blur the lines a bit. “What’s he doing? Crazy Phil. He’s going to start working for himself.” In fact, I was only defending myself. But you confuse that with attacking Moxley and mentioning him [Eddie] Kingston Being the second best Kingston, which is a pretty cool streak, you know, but our locker room, for all your wisdom and ingenuity, is not worth the bullshit when you have a headless idiot who has never done anything in business doing public interviews and saying , “Yeah, I don’t really take advice.” Who the hell do you think you are? you know? This is stupidity. I’m on a team with Barry BondsAnd the Mark McGuireAnd the Sami Sousa I need to work on a swing. I’m not going to listen to these guys, I’m going to tell me how to swing a baseball game. Fucking go fuck yourself. This is how I feel about it. I dare you to say that to Terry Funk’s face. I don’t need to listen to you, Mr. Funk. I know what I’m doing. fucking grow up.

Punk mostly manages to get back on track for the rest of the interview, only occasionally hitting Adam Page while answering questions. He came back to the topic again at the end of his part of Scrum.

“The reason I never stand up for myself is because when you do, you seem to be defensive,” Bank said. “But I’ve eaten bad things about it for far too long, and I’m so sad today because I had to stand here and say his name. It’s not worth it. And talk about it. But facts are facts, you know? Name two people who made the most money from a name.” CM Punk.”

“I don’t think you’re there yet,” he said to Tony. “Top Vince McMahonn. The second person is Scott Colton. I wish you all a good night. Please be more responsible with the news you get from some people and just remember, we are human. Thank you.”

Watch everything below.

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