Did The Big Bang Theory ask Kaley Cuoco to cut her hair?

It’s been quite Kaley Cuoco’s career, starting with her likes Charmthen raise the temperature using The Big Bang Theory. The actress made millions on the show and, in turn, made it one of the top titles on TV.

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Never looked back, and has continued to thrive ever since TBBT It came to an end.

Below, we’ll look at some of her major career risks, including the moment Coco completely changed her look. The Big Bang Theory. We’ll reveal if it was part of the show, or if Cuoco cut it out due to inspiration elsewhere.

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Ending Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory wasn’t a sure bet

Kaley Cuoco is a major reason for the success The Big Bang Theory. She thrived on the show and in fact, we can’t imagine anyone else in Penny’s place.

However, the casting process was not entirely easy for the actress. Looking back, you could easily have gotten frustrated and refused to go through with the process.

According to Coco along TV linehad been reading about the role on three different occasions, with other parts also being shown during that time frame.

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According to the sitcom star, at the time, she was skeptical that she could actually appear on the show, given previous “failed” auditions.

“The fact that I’ve auditioned for this show three times and not been hired twice…. It’s about perseverance. I remember the third time I came back, I was thinking, ‘Obviously not for me, I don’t know why they keep bringing me back!'” “

“But I’m really glad I went that third time, because it obviously changed my life. So just remember anything can happen. You think it’s the wrong thing but it might be the right thing. You just need to keep going.”

It’s definitely the right thing for Cuoco, though, even though she took some pretty big risks during her time on the sitcom — including one during season eight.

Kaley Cuoco cut her hair for a role in the indie movie Burning Bodhi

Fans saw a marked difference with Penny during Season 8, as she rocked the short hair look. So the question is, was this supposed to be part of the show and what the sitcom and Chuck Lowry encouraged?

The answer is no. Cuoco actually did cut her hair, all for her role in an independent movie, Burn my body.

side by side PeopleCuoco discussed the role and its impact, revealing that it was quite the project and transition, and that you needed to get into a dark place to film the role, unlike the time she spent on TBBT.

“It was so cool for someone to venture into me, and do something other than comedy. I mean, I experienced it, I went through everything to get the job. So I was really proud of myself, and plunged into a completely different world that I wasn’t used to.”

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Despite only being ready for nine days, Coco revealed that the process was very intense, “I only shot for nine days, and I was there the whole time in my head,” Coco said. “The city was a little dark, everything, the energy just made you feel that way.”

And yes, her hair was totally of her own making for the movie, “I would paint my eyes black, cut my hair, and every morning I would put new bobby pins in it. It was fun, I really wanted to look completely different than I usually do.”

the great explosion He agreed to the change and fans were in for a big surprise during the season.

Kaley Cuoco took other career risks with the host

burning body It was one of Cuoco’s first major risks, as he left the world of comics and sitcoms. However, these days, you find success on this path, and thrive hostess In serious kind.

Despite all the praise Side by side Cuoco did not reveal collider That pressure was very real.

“I risked this, many years ago. I found the book. I was coming out of a skit everyone knows me from, and I thought, ‘Okay, this is my new project, and I’m going to either take it, and they’ll like it, or I’m going with the ship because that would be entirely my fault.'” I couldn’t believe how much people accepted and loved him.”

Cuoco continues to prove that she is comfortable with just about anything.

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