Britain in ‘real trouble’ after the death of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II is an important cultural spell in a way that Americans can’t understand, and her death will have more implications for Great Britain and the world than just who will take over the monarchy.

That’s according to Ian Dont, a columnist at news Newspaper and Podcast Host Oh God What Now? and Origin Story, which tells hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy on this episode of The new gay The political podcast reports that the country faces multiple crises as it deals with the Queen’s death.

“It’s more of a cultural experience than being a queen,” Dunt says.

“It’s very hard to talk to Americans about it…it’s just on a national emotional level. It’s very hard to even begin to understand what it’s going to do to us.”

“It has to do with your sense of the country and your sense of identity within the country. And of course it happens in a country that is completely functionally unable to talk about its feelings, so it would all be a very strange process. Today you get that kind of distant thunder of that emotional process. You can hear it, but from She obviously didn’t get it.”

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Dont said the UK’s new prime minister, Liz Truss – whom he described as “intellectual, almost completely absent”, “too boring to listen to” and “too boring” – is not only facing a wave of cultural change, but also having to deal with a country On the brink, with an “incredible” inflation problem, a failing health system, and industrial disputes across the landscape.

“Here we are in real trouble,” he says. “The kind of energy bills people are talking about, you know, £3,500 [$4,050] a [year] up to £5000 a [year]. This kills people. The NHS, the National Health Service, is in absolutely tatters…and it’s not even winter yet.

“You look around, there’s nothing working in this country. I don’t like anything at all. It feels like it’s already in a state of decline. I don’t want to keep going back to the Queen, but it’s like he wrote for a BBC drama, because This is happening now.There is a valid sense of the national crisis and an incumbent prime minister who shows no intellectual moral capacity to deal with it.

“It’s risky stuff right now.”

Also on the podcast, Douglas Rochkopf, author of the new book Surviving the Rich: Escaping the Fantasies of Tech BillionairesHe describes his experience talking to some wealthy person about the “event”.

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